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The main objectives to be pursued by the Society on its formation are:

A. The main Objectives to be pursued by the Society on its formation are:

I. To make scientific study of the river basins in terms of Geological Study,
Geophysical Study, Geo-hydrological Study, Climatic Study, Ecological Study, Land
use Landform Study, Study on vegetation and agriculture etc.
II. To make study of mineral and mines in the river basins.
III. To make study of climate change on river basin, Environmental Impact
Assessment study.
IV. To make socioeconomic study, Anthropological study, Study of cultural changes,
study of human migration and rehabilitation.
V. To undertake, carry out, promote and sponsor rural and/or urban development
including program for promoting social and economic welfare of or the upliftment of
the river basin people.
B. The object incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the main objects of the
society are:
I. To fulfil the objectives, collection of various above data along with different types
of surveys including Global Positioning system Survey, cadastral survey etc. Geophysical survey such as resistivity survey, seismic survey etc. Necessary approval of
State Government or any other competent authority shall be obtained as and when
II. Socio-Economic survey, demographic survey/census.
III. Preparation of Geographic Information System database and interpretation from
Remote sensing data.
IV. Preparation of river basin models.
V. Physical and chemical testing of air, water and soil.
Vi. Providing livelihood support to the stakeholders including support related self
help group.
VII. Implementation of watershed management program.
VIII. Training and capacity building of the stakeholders.
IX. Publishing of Reports, Books, Journals, Magazine etc.
X. Customization of Software.
XI. Providing support for eco-tourism.