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Period 2

Sparta: The Council of Elders will decide your fate. Athens: We will vote on your fate.
Athens and Sparta are different but at the same time they have similarities. In Sparta there is a
oligarchy and in Athens there is democracy. That is one of the many differences between Athens
and Sparta. One of the similarities is that both have armies, but the armies are different in many

Another difference is that Spartan women had the most rights but Sparta was the most
discouraging to outsiders or people from different policies. Athenian women had the least rights
but the polis in which they lived was the most inviting to people from other poleis. Another
similarity is that both had armies but the armies were very different. In Sparta you had to serve in
the army until you were 60 years old and in Athens you had to serve 4 year. The Spartan army
had much more discipline and it was a better army.

While Sparta had the best army in Greece, Athens had the most powerful navy. That
seems to be a difference in how Sparta and Athens formed the military branches of each citystate. Another similarity is that both poleis fought in the Persian Wars however each fought in
different ways. The Spartans fought solely on land because they did not have a naval force.
Athens fought both in their ships and also fought on land.

Sparta and Athens have similarities and differences. They have differences such as
Spartan women have more rights than Athenian women. They also have their similarities and
one of those similarities is they both have armies but those armies are used differently. At
Thermopylae the Spartans said to there fellow Spartans as a goodbye Tonight we dine with