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Production Log

Before I go into my production log, I will go into the key roles I played
in my group. As a team we broke the task into equal sections so
everyone got a fair share of work to do. The production stage, paper
work with the initial ideas, how the evolved if things didn't go to plan.
Ladi is our director/producer due to his visualise ideas which he can
firmly put down with the cameraman (Dayo), he has ideas and
concepts which can be worth creating on the visual side of things.
Once the proposal is created we can come to Ladi to give us advice on
ways we can devise the imagery.
Hobie plays a key role as our editor due to him having great skills with
the tool which is called Final Cut Pro X. He knows how to use every tool
on the Final Cut which is important because we need as many edits
and fine cuts which will be important to our final piece.
Dayo has key skills in the using specific cameras and also capable of
capturing great angles and shots to be edited together for a piece of
film, he can grab the shot the first time which is good for our group
because we dont have to repeatedly film again, it helps us know
specific footage which is needed, this also means we can film whatever
we want in a very quick time once the post production is done.
Friday 17/04/2015

Colleagues were
told to create a
News show for
target audience
are people aged
16-34, the show
and insight of what could be going on in our day and age so me and my
team had to devise a topic. Once we were told what the brief was, I and
my group researched on topic we could possibly find out information. Our
topic was to find out if Hip-Hop was influential to young people in the UK
in a bad or good way? We also did key research on hip-hop, devising some
research for our teacher to confirm our Idea was perfect for a TV Show.
The idea was really good for us as our teacher help us think about a
variety of people we could interview, in case anyone bailed out or had a
busy schedule which didn't fit ours, we always had someone to fill in the

Our teacher gave us verbal feedback and told us to think about a specific
genre when we start to devise our questions, he also told us to exchange
questions which would be better for specific people if they were
interviewed, we must devise questions within our group and find out the

differences between them, if they suit a police officer more or a sociology

teacher will be more suitable for the questions. We were also told to look
at the Newsnight which is a news show which focuses at one topic at night
with special guest which would be perfect for us as we are focusing on one
particular topic which is influences of Hip-Hop.
What am I going to do next?
Once we have a lot of research and information on Hip-Hop (Preferably
Gangster Rap) . We will type up our various questions, analyse them with
our client then let our interviewees know, by contacting them to see if
they are interested. Once that is done, we will find people who we can
interview and contact them.

Monday 24/04/2015
Me and my new partner have undertaken a new efficient approach to our
work and how our time is managed, dividing our work fairly. First thing we
managed to do was to write out our practise report feedback which gave
us an understanding of what people who will be watching our shows will
like, and also the things they will dislike which we can eliminate before the
show is shot and edited (constructive criticism). Ive also written up a
report of our presenters dress style on our production, when and how we
will film and the useful equipment which will be used and. Once this was
all done me and my group member then contacted people via email to
find out if we could potential interview them at a later date. Once this was
all done I observed into the legal and ethical considerations. I considered
and looked into how I could possibly breach the legal constraints. I and my
partner reviewed a BBC and Channel 4 News shows so we could
incorporate relevant shots, camera angles, choice of clothing (Suits), the
background colour and setting and how we can take specific edits to
match the news shows to our own news show which will look professional,
to a high standard.
Within the storyboard it will have an image by image process of what will
go on once the show commences, me and my partner reviewed channel 4
News and BBC News, selecting shot types and actions which will also go
on in our news show, these shot types and angles are very important to
be selected correctly to inform the viewer as much as possible, once the
news show starts cameras must cut just at the right time once the
interviewer or interviewee(es) are talking.

I took the chance to know more about who I was interviewing which would
be a pro footballer who plays for Southend FC however currently on loan
to VCD FC Michael Ademunluyi, two parents who are able to give
relationship advise as they have been together for a number of years,
Panashe Mazanzi and Shannika Cherubim and also a lead singer who has
released music, portraying a different light in her music with soul and
peace but also understanding the concepts of Hip-Hop [Trap and Gang
styled music], who is gracefully known as Amaka.
Me and my group intend on creating a BBC Three News show, my partner
took a look at Channel Four and BBC News to get an understanding of how
the news works, gathering important skills to incorporate into our own
body of work such as the, camera angles, shots, how the show has been
edited together, this was done on the storyboard. Once that was all
created a variety of questions, scripted was devised with questions which
would be asked to our chosen guests, showing our chosen techniques
which will be used in out News Show on BBC Three.

Once we all
did some research on our
we type up various questions
which would
to answer. In case our
didn't suit a particular person
in a different
type of work field, we
questions for a more suit
person in a
particular occupation. I and
my group got
feedback on our questions, we
were relevant to us as we fit
audiences age range which
was true so
we had to look into ourselves
and think if they were relevant which they were, we were also told to look
at article and books to broaden our views on Hip-Hop. if we would like to
interview a Police Officer who has dealt with youth crime the questions
must relate to him/her and a Sociology teacher, the questions must be
based around young people in society, how gangster hip-hop is marketed
and sold to the masses within the youth.
What am I going to do next?
Create a shortlist of numbers of people we would like to contact, exchange
some words, forming a relationship with my interviewee then possibly

sending them questions due to their interest within the interview, once
they are contacted by phone an formal email will be sent to the people
who accepted on the shortlist.
Tuesday 28/04/2015
I and my colleagues devised a shortlist of people we were capable of
interviewing, some said they had no time during the week to be
interviewed due to their busy schedules, and they also couldnt fall in time
with our schedule however, I mentioned people I could get in contact with
such as some of my creative friends Prince (Music Video Visuals), Ajay (A
young Grime/Rap MC), Alviv (Young Rapper and Grime Producer) and
possibly a police officer who has in counted young offenders and a
sociology teacher to investigate why humans may act a particular way.
There was also a sociology Teacher, Mr O who studies the relations of
young black people today and what they are influenced by so he would be
someone perfect to interview due to his knowledge on sociology, black
people in society today and how things are done for financial purposes. I
picked my friend Prince who could retrieve singers, giving us an sight of
how their Hip-Hop music is portrayed and what they also think of other
young people who make this type of music. Mr Barton was also great help
as he was willing to give links in chosen industries for us to interview.
I and my team searched for all
the people we would like to
contact, we disturbed the
numbers equally so everyone
has someone to contact. Next
time we have our next group
meeting we will record the calls
if they are capable of doing the

Wednesday 29/04/2015
Once I had met up with my group, I sat down with my colleagues calling
up my chosen interviewees which were Prince Mensah who linked me with

the professional Singer Amaka. Once I spoke to Prince who directed me to

Amaka, I sent him the email which he then show Amaka who then
approved the questions. I spoke to Amaka on a separate phone
conversation to get more of an understanding about her, and also some
small thoughts about Hip-Hop, I did this to gain an understanding about
her, building a small but enough relationship with her. This would then
carry over to on camera filming as we are comfortable with each other. Me
and my client arranged a day to sit down and discuss. Before any filming
was done, I sat down with my interviewee explaining what the show would
be about, if she was okay to answer the questions and finally the chosen
location in which we would be able to film in. Building the off camera
relationship with your interviewee is very important as they must feel
comfortable around you, they must also know what they will be talking
Questions in a
My team also spoke to
relationships with them and also asked them about their schedules, seeing
if they could put theirs into ours, Once we all found out who we would
interview, we chose who we would interview first as some of the locations
we chose were on site in different parts of London.

What am I going to do next?

We will sent out our questions to our chosen interviewees so they know
what they'll be asked, due to some not being capable of being interviewed
we have to put this in the Log so there are visible edits in our production

Thursday 30/04/2015
Once we had got back to class Mr Barton had ask all members where they
had reached in terms of the production process in planning of the
programme. At this point in time our questions had been cleared off to be
answered by our interviewees, we also had sectioned out our show which
will be bas around Newsnight. We had to get our questions cleared due to
guests being uncomfortable in answering particular questions so it is
always best to send your questions to your interviewee, letting them know
what they will be answering, Mr Barton also assisted us by guiding us in
the sort of questions we should be asking particular people we sat down

and called each of our chosen interviewees we would like to speak to after
meeting up with the formally to form a relationship, we discussed with
them availability in when they were most easy to be interviewed about
and asked if they were interested, If so, We sent off questions to our
interviewees who then respond to the email whether they are find with
the questions. In previous shows such as my Binge, we didnt necessary
take this way of providing the questions to my interviewees. I sat down
with my interviewees and explained what they topic was, Id also get and
insight of what they thought. This got us comfortable together which
transgressed on camera when we started filming.
Ladi had got in contact with the local police to find out if we could
potentially interview an office who has worked with violent children,
finding out his views on whether Hip-Hop is influential on the children in
society today, unfortunately the interview didn't come through so Ladi had
to resort to plan B possibly get his Producer friend 'Casskid', Cassidy who
has had his songs played
on BBC 1EXTRA . If you
have a look at our listen of
people we could contact
we have a range of people.
I told Ladi to have someone
just in case a Police officer
someone in our group
wasn't short of someone to
Finalised questions
which were checked by
Mr Barton

Saturday 02/04/2015
Before my team sent off the questions, we reviewed them, checking if
they were okay for the person we were interviewing once we got a
response. Also the equipment which needs to be booked and used in
different locations once filming begins which we booked out early. I also
needed to find out the legal and ethical considerations before filming such
as not putting myself and group into trouble by stating an incorrect fact
from a weak source, slandering someone's name on national television,
and also liability to end up being taken to court, I had to remember to
research on how I could possibly breach the codes and conventions of BBC
Threes show.

What am I going to do next?

I will go and sit down with my chosen guest, getting more of an insight on
them, they're social groups whenever they could be possibly drinking and
also on another occasion my guest artist, Amaka who I spoke to on the
phone on a one to one basis, giving me more information about herself.
What did I do today?
I sat down with my interviewee briefing discussing what we will be talking
about today however, she already knew everything. A few days before we
spoke about it face to face but today was just another day to recap before
we filmed out interview.

What did my team do

My team set up our shots
and lighting in our chosen
location which was a
Ravensbourne which was
slightly changed by my
team to a more formal but
yet relaxed comfort zone
for Amaka, as she was still
in her surroundings. Me
and my team chose to do it
in Ravensbourne because
that is where she is most comfortable and she knows the facilities well.
We also filmed my colleagues Hobie on the same day as Mr Os time
schedule was just after mine which was perfect for us as we could just
transfer the equipment into a vehicle then set-up another interview which
was on site. We did two interviews in one day to save time as we only had
to do one more interview with my colleague Ladi, his interview would be
filmed on a separate day.
We plan on filming Ladi with his chosen interviewee, he told us his
concept within his interview with his guest which was a visual producer
Dominic, he would give us his views and opinions on what he thinks is
going on with the music and the message the new young trap artists are
trying to portray.
What did I do today?
I and Hobie set-up my chosen interview which would be with Amaka a well
known South Eastern singer, the lady with the angelic voice. We had a
short amount of time as Amaka was on a tight schedule so me and Hobie
had to set-up a basic layout which would consist of both of them in the
shot. we did this because we didn't have enough time to make our set


Once we finished filming my interview, we took it to the editing suite. Our

editing was all done in a few hours but I've learned that time management
is really important so the next time a piece of footage is filmed, we must
edit it earlier to save ourselves from finding mistake in it when we watch
the final piece. If you edit it early than expected you can find blemishes
which can be removed before our final piece is given in.

Friday 1st May

Today my group member was able to interview his chosen interviewee
which was then uploaded onto the Apple Mac, a few edits were made to
create out final piece but not a lot was done, a few cuts and transitions
were applied to both interviews. One more part of single camera needs to
be recorded as only two group members have recorded and some paper
work needs to be completed such as the Storyboard. We created our voice
over for the show we would apply in the end of the Newsnight show, this
was easy because we already had it scripted so all we had to do was
record it and edit it into the final piece of our footage. We also recorded
the intro with a BBC THREE type documentary style with a News based
feel to it, we thought this was very similar to the 60 seconds of news on
BBC THREE so we stuck with it, it was basic but understandable
We discussed as a group what is our possible plan in completing a final
piece as the last group member film his footage which help us edit the
last piece if footage into our News night. I and my colleagues have come
in early on deadline day to try and complete our edit. This problem could
have been resolved if we had our Tec Man to sort out the issues with our
Mac and Final Cut Pro, due to this issues we simply used another
computer to complete the task deadline. Due to poor time management it
was a rushed edit which didn't look amazing to the eye, if more time and
care was taken on the final edit, it could've bumped up our grade to
something better. Time management is key to make a great piece of
quality work, the things that I reviewed on my group is that we were too
laid back , once it came to filming the footage, we had the ideas and
concepts of what we shall be using within our show put into storyboards,
script and a Recce however the lack of effort in making our work good
bought us down.

When I filmed for Ched Evans with Hobie, we structured our show,
researched on things which could get us in trouble if false statements
were said or not. we also instantly knew the locations we would like to
use, that is the major difference between my final BBC THREE show and
my Ched Evans News report on BBC. Structure and time management is
key to having an overall good product of written paper work and a final
edited piece. Here is a image of the final voiceover we recorded as a

The Ched Evans

news show was really planned, we got audience feedback which helped us
letting us know
how to create a
good News show.
criticism is good,
you can take this in
and know what
audience don't like
and what they do
however within the
latest chat show it
wasn't as good due
to the lack of