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Press Release

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Chef Hardette Harris

For Immediate Release:

House Concurrent Resolution No. 88 - Recognizes the culinary uniqueness of
North Louisiana and to recognize its official meal.
On April 29, 2015 HCR 88 was read on the House floor by title and concurred in by a vote of 33
yeas and 0 nays. On May 4, 2015 it was enrolled and signed by the Speaker of the House and the
President of the Senate.

Chef Hardette Harris announces North Louisianas official Meal

Chef Hardette Harris originally of Minden, Louisiana is proud to announce her creation of
North Louisianas official meal. Chef Harris worked with State Rep. Gene Reynolds to develop
the State of Louisiana's first official meal bringing recognition to the culinary uniqueness of
North Louisiana.
Chef Harris moved to Texas just after high school graduation in the mid 80's. Over the years
when she would visit her family in Minden, she noticed the rise in Cajun/Creole culinary
influences and the decline in dishes using ingredients that were indigenous to the area. When
she moved back late 2013, she knew the beautiful plates filled of fried catfish, barbecue, mustard
greens and sweet potato pies had to be resurrected.
Her way of doing that turned into the Dream Dinner. Held in January 2014, everyone sat down
like old times and passed plates of dishes like fresh catfish, purple hull peas, collard greens,
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cornbread and peach cobbler. She welcomed the entire town and extended special invitations to
leaders of the community. One of those in attendance was Rep. Reynolds. While chatting with
Rep. Reynolds that evening she learned that he also felt we had lost our culinary cultural identity
in North Louisiana and offered to assist her in any way he could. Shortly after that is when she
came up with the idea to create a meal, make it official and hope it would bring back the love for
those foods and the eagerness to share it with the world. She is grateful for the seriousness that
Rep. Reynolds showed towards her project as well as the votes from the rest of the House
She hopes to jumpstart an eternal love affair between North Louisiana dishes and the rest of the
world by making sure every tourist and visitor to the state taste what we eat up north. One way
she is doing that is through her business Pure Louisiana Soul-Food Tours and Tastings where
she is developing Tastings of North Louisiana cuisine to visitors to the Shreveport Bossier area
as well as locals. The Us Up North Tastings will give the guest a chance to sample of her
cooking along with other guest chefs in the area and also enjoy a cooking demonstration.
Her long term goal is to see restaurants regularly offer one or more of the dishes from the official
meal. In the end she hopes our local chefs will join our fabulous home cooks in serving these
dishes and others with the same pride and enthusiasm our cousins have down south when they
offer up a hearty bowl of red beans and rice or a smoking hot seafood platter.