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Gabriela Cassar

Miss Hammitt
Interview #2
28 March 2015
i. The purpose of this article is to supply the audience with useful information in
relation to high school students. The purpose is shown throughout the first
questions and introduction.
ii. Honestly, I think the set up was done poorly. Personally, I would change the tone/
music at the beginning by making it seem more legit and professional. The
background almost looked messy. It was obvious not too much thought and work
went into planning this interview. The background for Mr. Glass reminds me too
much of a yearbook photo back drop. Also, I cant tell what the purple thing
behind what seems to be glass is in the background.
iii. Mr. Glass and Michelle both are dressed nicely, looking professional. This is an
effective way to get the audience to take this interview seriously.
iv. The interview began with Mr. Glass introducing himself and then Michelle. After,
Michelle asked Mr. Glass about his Ph.D briefly before starting the questions. It
starts off very zoomed in and then the camera seems to zoom out or switch and
get both Mr. Glass and Michelle into the picture.
v. The interviewee began the first question by asking about Obamas college plans
and what his view on those ideas. This gave me an idea of what Michelles topic
seems to be; school.
Main Topic: College programs/ Secondary education
Michelles first question in this topic was what Mr. Glass thought about 2-year
tuition free college that we may see in the future and how realistic it is. Then, Michelle
went onto asking about a gap year and if he recommends that for students. Michelle
makes great references to other well-known and credible people such as the president
and uses a reference from the Huffington post. Michelle asked two main questions with
other follow up questions such as What would you want for your children?, What
would you do? or other questions like those that were effective in getting great answers
from Glass. Mr. Glass answered almost all the questions Michelle asked with good
thought out answers.
Main Topic 2: Different types of classes
Michelle asks Mr. Glass a few questions such as if he were a student at BHHS
what kind of classes he would take, all AP, IB, model classes, etc. I think its effective
how she relates the questions to him. He gives his opinion on each different type of
class and some insight on how to balance out studying with social time.
Main Topic 3: Social Media

Do you read the tweets on social media involving snow days? and Do the
tweets have any effect on if you actually call a snowday or not? were the two questions
Michelle asked about this topic. Mr. Glass gave a good, honest answer as to explaining
what makes him think if there should be a snowday and how social media can be
helpful. After he answers those questions, Michelle goes on to ask questions about
negativity on social media, how he deals with that personally and tweets that can be
useful in a situation where hes deciding if there will be a snowday. Mr. Glass gives his
view on the footprint social media can leave behind. I believe these questions are asked
effectively because she continues the topic over four questions and the way she
separated the first two questions I think gave Mr. Glass more time to think about his
Main Topic 4: ACT/SAT
Michelle asks Mr. Glass about his view on standardized testing and what kind of impact
the switch will have on younger generations. She uses the same method of questioning
as she did previously which works out well. I wouldnt change anything about the way
she asks questions. I think theyre put together well and are set up to get all different
perspectives (students, parents, faculty, and his personal view). Mr. Glass provides
useful information about the SAT that I formly didnt know.
Main Topic 5: New BHHS site
Michelles questions about this topic are quite simple such as Will BHHS be done on
time? Once again this is a great informative question to ask that is of interest to the
BHHS community. Michelle voices the community well by asking questions many others
would like to get answers to, like some rumors like that the building wont be done. She
makes the questions personal by asking Mr. Glass what hes most excited for about the
new building.

7.) The interviewer demonstrated her listening skills by nodding her head, adding some
Mhms and giving back her feedback on what Mr. Glass had to answer. These are all
effective methods in keeping the conversation engaging and creates a good flow.

8.) The interview ends by Michelle asking some short personal questions about Mr.
Glass and similar questions that help the audience get a good background on Glass. I
like how it ends because its a fun way to close up a conversation and I think creates a
real friendly tone between the interviewer and the interviewee. Mr. Glass even creates a
question at the end, so roles turn between the two which I think is interesting. It gives
the audience a chance to get to know Michelle more too.

9.) The topics sort of begin with broader topics and then are narrowed down to more
personal and relatable topics or smaller sub-questions. This was effective because it
interested me when the questions were questions I personally wouldve asked myself.

10. ) If I were doing the same interview I dont know what I would change beside the
background and lighting. I thought the interview itself was great but the set-up couldve
made it better overall.


Gabriela Cassar
Miss Hammitt
Interview #1
28 March 2015


The purpose of this interview I believe is to inform students about Mr. Glass and
discuss current educational topics. This purpose is valid because the interview
gives important information to the audience about sports, STEM and STEAM
programs, etc.
ii. I think the lighting makes the two look a bit washed out at times. I dont like the
purple/blueish background between what seems to be two black curtains, it looks
messy. I think its effective that both Aidan and Mr. Glass are facing eachother but
for such a relaxed interview I feel like the setting doesnt work well for it. I would
change up the environment, maybe bring in a couch and make it more home-like.
iii. Both Aiden and Mr. Glass are wearing suits. This makes them look professional
and Im not saying this is a bad thing but going back to the more comfortable
environment I was talking about in the previous question, I would change the
iv. The interview began with Mr. Glass introducing himself and Aiden. This is helpful
for people who didnt formerly know Mr.Glass or Aiden. I would say its always
effective to introduce everyone on screen and share their position at BHHS.
v. Aiden begins by talking about Mr. Glass Ph.D and biography he is currently
working on. Mr. Glass gets into the process hes been going through and what
hes currently working on with his editor. He talks about possibly writing a book in
the future. I think this is an effective way to start because it gives us personal
background information about Mr. Glass. He slowly transitions into the question
which is another effective skill.

Main Topic 1: Dr. Glasss Ph.D

Aiden asks what Glass has been working on since his Ph.D and what hell be doing in
the future. He only asked one question about this topic, so I think that he couldve gone
more into depth or asked a few more questions regarding Glass accomplishments.

Main Topic 2: BHHS Programs

Aiden begins by talking about the transition to BHHS briefly and asks Glass how its
going. Then, he gets specific by asking a question about STEM education. Its effective
how he gives a bit of background, talks about STEM a bit, and then asks Glass his
opinion on the program and why he thinks its so important as a superintendent. I like

how the conversation talks about jobs today, the economy and where the future is
leading us. This is an effective question in this interview because it applies to the
audience and gives them some good advice and insight from Dr. Glass about this
program. Aidan then introduces the STEAM program and gets a great conversation with
Glass going. I like the way he separates questions about the topic. Aidan asks great
questions, even getting in gender equality.

Main Topic 3: Mandated Testing/College prep

Aiden asks an interesting question here about college prep and testing in younger
generations. Its effective how Aiden gives background about other schools and where
theyre at for college preparation. I especially like the questions Aiden asks in this topic
because theyre very informative and all relevant in my life currently.

Main Topic 4: Racial Issues/Narcism

Aidan starts off by introducing a relevant issue in the real world. Ferguson is a main
topic in this conversation. I like how all these topics are current, therefore theyre
fascinating to hear about. Both Mr. Glass and Aidan give good information and
feedback. Some of these questions can get a bit off topic.

Main Topic 5: Sports/ Competition

One thing I love about this conversation is Dr. Glass looks at students point of view
about competition, self-confidence, etc. It gives a good outlook into high school students
lives. Aidan gets into a more less serious conversation at the end. This is effective
because it gives a friendly, fun tone.

7.) Aidan demonstrates his listening skills by nodding his head, agreeing, giving his
feedback on what Mr. Glass had to say. He engages in the conversation and makes
good eye contact throughout it all.

8.) I love the way the interview ends by them having a push-up competition. I think its
funny and shows some personality between the two. It goes back to that friendly
environment I was looking before in the beginning.

9.) I like the way the topics are more broad and narrowed down. They centralize around
BHHS and the real world which I enjoy to hear about. This was effective because it kept
me interested and gave me useful information I can apply in my life.

10.) Honestly, I dont know what I would have changed about this interview. I think it was
great, maybe just change up the setting and lighting. But, besides that I think Ive
learned some useful skills from Aidan.