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• In the Central West highlands, is the
Palawan Island. One of the tribes in
Palawan are the TAGBANUAS.The
Tagbanuas has retained their ancient
culture. Tha Calamianes Group of
Islands hol elaborate funeral
celebrations. Five days after
interment, the relatives goes to the
homes of the deceased to perform
funeral rites.

•Then the participants chant the
Batac, a lengthy song recounting the
significant adventures of a mythical
person named DUMARACOL. The
singing goes on for three successive
nights for evening till dawn.

•The Tagbanuas believe that music has
power to heal the sick. To cure a
Tagbanua who is very ill his companion
drive off the evil spirits by beating the
gongs and drums. During the
ceremony, nobody is permitted to
come near the patients bed.

•Aside from their funeral rites, the
Tagbanuas of Palawan also have
festivals. One of these is called the
MACASLA festival. This is done
through music, dance and feast.

• The musical instruments of the
Tagbanuas consists of drums with shark
skin heads (gimbal). It leads the
ensemble and has a preparatory rhythm,
falling into an ostinato. Bamboo flutes
(beberak), jew’s harp (aroding), guitars
and banjos are also used.

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