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Historical Timeline

My grandfather, Angelo George Cassar, began his first

business with his brothers as Cassar Supermarket. They owned

three different stories. In 1961 my grandfather decided to start a
rental property business known as A.G Cassar Management. He
bought several properties in Detroit. 1270 Ewald Circle, 2750
Strutevant, 10210 Second, 740 Hazlewood and 1253 Collingwood
were just a few. In 1968 Angelo expanded his business into
Livonia, MI. Things were going well for his company, so he
purchased more. In 1971 A.G Cassar Management purchased 80
more units in Plymouth, MI. Then, in 1975 he purchased another
apartment complex in Westland, MI. Sadly, he passed away in
1988. My father along with two of my uncles began to run the
company. Officially in 1991 the family business continued and A.G
Cassar Management turned into A.G Cassar Management LLC. To
this day the business is up and running in Westland, Livonia and