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1)write classification of aggregate on basis of their

-specific gravity
2)write the procedure to determin
-crushing value of aggregate
-flakiness and elongation index of aggregate
-impact value of aggregate
-abrasion value of aggregate
3)define flakiness and elongation index of aggregate
4)what is meant by particle size distriutionof aggregate? how it is
5)define fineness modulus of the aggregate. what does it indicate?
6)what do you mean by
-well graded aggregate
-uniformly graded aggregate
-gap graded aggregate
7)write advantages and disadvantages of using gap graded aggregate
8)how does particle size distribution of aggregate affect to properties of
9)write a note on alkali aggregate reaction(alkali silica reaction)
10)write procedure to determine specific gravity and water absorption of
11)define workability of cement

12)what are segregation and bleeding of concrete.what measure should

be taken to minimize segregation and bleeding?
13)write the procedure to determine workability of concrete by using
-slump test
-compaction factor
-flow table