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The City School

North Nazimabad Boys Campus

Subject: Pak Studies
Teacher: Ms. Maira

Class: 9
Date: 12-06-2015

Resources :
o Book: The Environment of Pakistan By: Huma Naz Sethi
o World Wide Web
o Past Papers
Read chapters # 9-12 of your course book
Revise all the concepts related to chapters # 1-8
Do the following questions on A4 size papers and compile them in a report. You
will submit it on the first day of you school, to your respective Pak. Studies
teacher. (No printed form would be accepted)
o November 2012, Question # 3
o June 2012, Question # 1
o November 2011, Question # 2
o June 2011, Question # 3
o November 2010, Question # 1
o November 2000, Question # 4
Other than practice as many past papers as you can.
Make a comprehensive report on Agricultural Exports of Pakistan. (No printed
form would be accepted)