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The City School

North Nazimabad Boys Campus

Subject: English
Teacher: Ms. Bushra

Class: 10 & 11
Date: 12-06-2015


1. Describe the life you expect to be living five years from now.
2. What do you think has been the greatest achievement in your country during the
last ten years? Give reasons to support your view.4
3. Write a story which includes the sentence: When the driver heard the words, he
clearly lost all his concentration.
4. Classrooms.
5. Write a story in which forgiving someone plays an important part.
6. Describe how you are like and unlike one other member of your family.
(Remember that you are describing yourself and not just telling stories.)
7. Should all school pupils be taught to cook? Give reasons and examples to
support your view.
8. Write a story which includes the sentence: Although I knew what I wanted to say,
at the important moment I could not open my mouth.
9. Good friends.
10. Write about an occasion when you worried about a mistake you made but

everything turned out well.