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Question: 1.10 - Give the significance of a ‘lattice point’. Answer: Lattice point denotea the position of constituent particles (molecule, atom or ion) in space. When lattice points are joined together by straight line they give the geometry of lattice. Question: 1.11 - Name the parameters that characterise a unit cell. Answer: Unit cells are characterize on six parameters — dimensions along three edges and three angles| between their edges, i.e. a, b, c which are edges and a, B and y which are angles between the edges. Question: 1.12 - Distinguish between (2) Hexagonal and monoclinic unit cells Answer: ' agbze a=y= 90! peso Monactinic unit cell Distinction bi agonal and Monoclinic Unit C Parameters | Hexagonal Unit Cell Monoclinic Unit Cell Possible variation | One - Primitive Two — Primitive and End centered Axial distance a=bee azbec Axial angle a=B=90°, y=120° | a=y =90°, B+ 90° Example Graphite, ZnO, CdS_[ Monoclinic suphur, NazSOz.10H20 (ii) Face-centred and end-centred unit cells. ‘Answer: ‘There are four atoms present in face centered unit cell while there are only 2 atoms present in end) centered unit cell. In face centered unit cell one constituent particles are present at the center of each of the faces besides one at each corner. In end centered unit cell two constituent particles are present at the center of any of the two faces| besides one at each corner of the unit cell.