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1. How much heat and moisture must be added to 15 cu. m per minute of air at
21oC dry bulb and 30% relative humidity to raise it to 37 oC and 40% relative
humidity?(80 points)
2. A stream of outdoor air is mixed with a stream of return air in an air
conditioning system that operates at 101 kPa pressure. The flow rate of
outdoor air is 2 kg/sec, and its condition is 35 oC dry bulb, 25oC wet bulb temp.
The flow rate of return air is 3 kg/sec, and its condition is 24 oC and 50%
relative humidity. Determine a) enthalpy of the mixture, b) humidity ratio of
the mixture and c) the dry bulb temp of the mixture from the properties
determined in a and b, d) the dry bulb temp by weighted average of the dry
bulb temp of entering streams.(20 points)
1. An air conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000 persons is to be
maintained at 24oC and 60% RH. The conditioned air enters the auditorium at
16oC. The sensible heat load aside from those of the occupants is 142425
KJ/h. For proper ventilation, 40% of the supply air is fresh air and the rest is
recirculated air. Outside air is at 33oC and 45% RH. Determine a) the volume
flow rate of recirculated air b) the apparatus dew point temperature c) the
refrigeration load. At 24 oC, heat dissipated by the average person at rest:
(draw the process)
Sensible heat=274 KJ/hr
Latent heat=148KJ/hr
Note:(at 20oC, Cp =1.007KJ/kg-oK)
2. A 0.30 x 0.40 m branch duct leaves a 0.30 x 0.60 main duct at an angle of 60
. The air temperature is 20oC. The dimensions of the main duct remain
constant following branch. The flow rate upstream is 2.7m 3/s. What is the
pressure downstream in the main duct.(draw the process)