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Why was there a revolution

against Louis XVIs rule in 1789?

There are a few vital points that may the
French revolution. Firstly, Louis was a money
spender and all the money that the country
had was spent on Louis benefit. But where
did he get all this money to spend. He raised
the taxes of the third estate. The third
estates were the estate that didnt have any
money so they could not pay the new taxes.
And the three estates had a meeting called
the estates general. In this meeting the third
estate demanded that the 1st and 2nd estates
taxes should be raised and the 3rd estate tax
to be lowered. But as usual the other 2
estates didnt want this to happen strangely.
Secondly, the age of enlightenment. This
when people started thinking about the
three estates and how unfair it actually is.
Thirdly, when America and Great Britain
went to war for freedom France also wanted
freedom and so sent troops to aid. The
French bankrupted themselves supporting
the Americans. The creation of the American

republic showed French Enlightenment ideas

at work.
Lastly, France was an absolute monarch with
a weak monarch because as I said before he
spent money alot also he had an Austrian
wife which everyone hated and everyone
thought was a bad influence on Louis.
All of these reasons affected the start of the
French revolution.