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Edgar Vincent A.

#58 San Lorenzo Ruiz St. Magsaysay
Alicia, Isabela, 3306
Phone No.: 09056597537

May 13, 2015

I am writing in connection with the job vacancy as an admission to your company.

The job vacancy news refers by my friend Last May 11, 2015. With my 2 years
experience working as medical representative I am confident that I am perfect
candidate for position.
I also have exceptional skill, I have excellent writing and verbal communication in
three different languages English, Filipino and Ilocano. I am also adept in computer
techniques and other Microsoft office. The presentation skill that I have is excellent
as well.
Here with I attach the reference and resume that might explain more about my
capabilities in the position. I am able to discuss it directly with you or please contact
my number if you have a question.

Sincerely yours,
Edgar Vincent A. Parubrub