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maintain and possibly enhance

existing wooded areas with new

naturalized planting

some main pathways could

be widened to accommodate
more users

small tree grove to enhance

existing apple trees for heritage
reference and variety in

potential planted buffers

maintain existing informal

pathways - may want to mow
at edges

low maintenance planting to

mark or enhance trail entrances
and hubs

informal seating can serve as

play features

informal open grassed play areas

maintain existing naturalized

vegetation and plant native

amenity seating areas at trail

entrances or hubs - can combine
with wayfinding or interpretive

small play and exercise

features for multiple users

The purpose of these images is to present example images of possible elements for this neighbourhood park

Woodland Acres
Precedent Image Board - Ideas for Neighbourhood Parks

May 2015
JOB No: 15-09B