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Jyotish Primer by Rohiniranjan

Jyotish Primer by Rohiniranjan


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Published by Rohiniranjan
Happy Valentine's Day. My gift to you dear reader, with love...

This combines the earlier two Primers by me. Hope you learn and enjoy the fruits of Jyotish!

Happy Valentine's Day. My gift to you dear reader, with love...

This combines the earlier two Primers by me. Hope you learn and enjoy the fruits of Jyotish!


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Published by: Rohiniranjan on Feb 14, 2010
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Let us jump in with both feet and look at the analysis of the first house in a horoscope that we studied

as an example in the Chapter VII on Karaks.


* * _ RA _ * ^ * _ _ * *

* * _ 5 _ * * _ 3 _ * *

* 6 _ * _ _ * _2 *

* _ * * _ _ * * _ *

* _ * * _ 4 _ * * _ *

* * _ MA 7 _ * _ 1 VE JU _ * *

* * _ _ * 10 * _ _ * *

* * _ _ * * _ _ * *

* 8 _ * _ _ * _12 *

* _ * 9 * _ _ * 11 * _ *

* _ * * _ * MO SU ME SA KE * _*


What could be simpler? I will actively avoid reference to the star and sub positions which require

accurate longitudes and are of greater importance when life events and time periods are being analyzed, just

to keep things simple.

Cancer rises. It is an emotional, sensitive, watery sign giving a phlegmatic disposition. Its lord Moon

is placed in the 8th house in Aquarius. Aquarius is an airy, fixed sign and would have a major influence in

shaping the expression of the Moon in this horoscope. We must also look at the sign dispositor of Moon.

That would be Saturn, the lord of Aquarius (remember, this is a vedic exercise, so no Uranus!) which is

placed in Aquarius. We therefore see that the flexible emotional inner forces of Moon are being expressed

within the intellectual, airy, rigid confines of orderly, methodical Saturn. This person was a stickler for

details and very obsessive and deliberate in his actions. The Moon would also be influenced by Sun, Ketu

and Mercury which heighten the orderliness and rigidity while limiting the emotions.

Let us now turn our attention to the physical features. This is where one has to keep in mind the

racial and genetic differences. A medium height for one race might be 5'2" but for another one that might be

5' 9". In the northern hemisphere, Cancer is a medium ascension sign, while Aquarius is of short ascension;

therefore the individual is likely to attain a short to medium height. Ketu and Sun give medium to tall height,

Saturn and Mercury give small to medium height. Pooling all these influences together, the individual is

likely to be of medium height, which he was (about 5' 5"). Cancer nativities generally have abundant hair,

the association of Moon with Sun would eventually lead to baldness. The second house (my only digression

from the first house, in this example) is aspected by cruel planets (Sun, Saturn, Ketu) and occupied by Rahu.

These indicate somewhat cruel appearing and intense, angry eyes and a low-volume but raspy voice,

specially so when raised. As example of other planets, Venus in second generally gives a pleasant, sing-song

voice, Jupiter gives a deep sonorous voice, Mars a sharp voice, Saturn a weak, soft-spoken voice, Moon

gives a loud voice with lots of ups and downs. Returning back to our example horoscope, the lord of

ascendant in a malefic house (6th, 8th or 12th are malefic, 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 are benefic and 3, 11 are

mixed), in this case the 8th SUPERFICIALLY might indicate a person with self-inflicted obstructions,

which are brought upon oneself through one’s idiosyncrasies and angularities and someone who is always at

war with the 'system'. Moon being the ascendant lord is likely to color this rebellion with emotional,

impulsive reactions. If we stopped there we would be so far from the truth. This man did experience lots of

obstacles and obstructions in life (crippling poverty during childhood and youth for instance) but he always

JYOTISH PRIMER by Rohiniranjan/Crystal Pages -- © All rights reserved, since 1980


covered up his emotional reactions and kept impulsiveness under check by becoming a very methodical,

often obsessive, seemingly cold, even-headed person. He was an authoritarian to boot. The Moon is in

Aquarius with Saturn, Mercury and Sun. The strength of the ascendant is buttressed by the fact that the

dispositor of Moon, Saturn is located in the same house with Moon. Saturn is very strong, being in its

moolatrikona sign. Saturn is also the karak or executor for the 8th house and its placement there makes that

house very strong and imparts strength to all the houses ruled by the planets associated with it, namely Moon

(1st), Sun (2nd) and Mercury (3rd and 12th). The ascendant is also rendered very strong by the exchange

between the lords of 4th and 10th (Mars in 4th and Venus in 10th). Mars is a special benefic for Cancer

ascendants because it owns two benefic houses (10th and 5th) and if it is placed in a good house bestows

great strength to the ascendant. All of the above discussion might lead one into believing that the ascendant

lord placed in the 8th house loses the malefic nature of such a disposition, but what really happens (or rather

what happened specifically in the case of the individual being discussed) in such a situation is that the

obstacles, often self-imposed are used for moving on. This person worked throughout his life in a step-by-

step manner. He placed limitations and checkpoints in his path so that slowly one by one he reached those

intermediate goals and reviewed his position before moving on to the next step, always moving further and

upwards in both a materialistic and spiritual sense. He used the obstacles as a mountain climber uses spikes.

An unfortified ascendant lord in a similar configuration might have resulted in the native getting blocked by

the obstacle rather than using it as a catapult for moving ahead. The eighth is also a private, secret, hidden

house and the ascendant lord there indicates a highly introverted and introspective person whose exposed

'face' is only the tip of the massive iceberg. Moon is also the significator of emotions and a person with the

Moon in 8th (in general and specially if it is the ascendant lord) would make active attempts to hide one’s

emotions in a conscious and subconscious manner. Such people use denials, blocking, repression and

suppression as defenses against situations and emotions that may potentially arouse anxiety in them. The

presence of Mercury gives the person a tendency, even a need to rationalize everything and to depend

excessively on his reasoning faculties. Aquarius, the mystic, philosophical and progressive sign is very

prominent in the horoscope because the indicators for self (ascendant lord), mind (Moon), soul (Sun) and

intellect (Mercury) are all placed therein. The presence of all these indicators in one sign gives rise to a

person with enormous intensity, focusedness and single-minded approach. This person was also an excellent

negotiator, another notable characteristic of Aquarius (with Mercury in it) and the shrewd understanding of

human nature that this signifies.

The ascendant is undeniably the most important house in a horoscope. Furthermore, one’s mission in

life is provided in a capsule by the star and sub in which the rising degree is placed. The houses ruled by and

occupied by the star-lord indicate the areas in one’s life which are deemed as important by the native and

success or failure in those endeavors during one’s lifetime are indicated by the placement of the asterismal

subdivision lord from the star-lord's houses and its house of occupancy. In the case of our example nativity,

the ascendant was in the star of Saturn and sub of Mercury. Saturn rules over the 7th and 8th houses and is

placed in 8th with sub-lord Mercury (so mutually helpful). The major tasks, therefore, are centered around

internal and external growth, establishing a link between these two areas (translating ideas into concrete

actions) through negotiations and invoking help from outside agencies. The eighth house deals with

educational institutions (fourth from the fifth house, home of education) and the biggest achievement of this

person was in creating and running an institution for medical education and research. With enormous

dynamism, resourcefulness, exemplary personal integrity, selflessness and sacrifice, and against enormous

odds this person achieved this goal thanks to the benefic disposition (both from 7th and 8th houses) of the

ascendant sub-lord Mercury.

JYOTISH PRIMER by Rohiniranjan/Crystal Pages -- © All rights reserved, since 1980


This is where we run into the need for synthesizing several influences in a horoscope. Would this

person have achieved all of this if there were no rajayogas in the 4th and 10th houses? Perhaps, but only as a

helper and not as a leader and initiator. We must never lose sight of such a synthesis of influences in a

horoscope. A horoscope is similar to a city map (or for that matter a genetic map). There are hundreds of

destinations and several routes for reaching those. The ones that would be actually traveled by the native

(similar to the limited number of genetic traits that will be actually expressed from thousands of such traits)

are indicated by special yogas and astrological traits which exist in a chart and highlight a combination of

houses. The effects of these are usually brought into play during conducive periods (dashas) or major


Even before one starts looking at the combinations, harmonics or other details, one must first look at

the two set of trines that exist in each chart. The subjective and spiritual trine that is formed by the 1st, 5th

and 9th houses. The worldly or objective trine is formed by the houses that lie opposite to those forming the

personal trine, 7th, 11th and 3rd. Most of the activities that human beings carry out are in one way or the

other connected to these two sets of trinal houses. The personal trine is obviously most important, for it deals

with the substance that one comes equipped with. The first house or ascendant (lagna) is considered the most

important house in any horoscope and signifies the nature or attributes of the 'essence' that manifested in the

earthly plane as the individual. The ninth house, amongst other elements, signifies the portion of karma that

is ripe for the picking. Little wonder that the 9th house indicates one’s fortune or luck. Since it also signifies

one’s father, it must be considered to assess where the soul is coming from (roots, past, or what led to the

current manifestation). The fifth house indicates one’s creativity, children and the karmic investments, in

other words, the part of the plan which indicates where one is headed towards. These three houses must be

carefully examined in each chart, for, without the necessary strength and balance, one would not have

everything in place which is conducive for a fruitful, strong and happy presence.

The 'cosmic life-energy' that enters into a being through the subjective trine (houses) is projected

outwardly through the objective trine (houses) formed by the 7th, 11th and 3rd. These houses govern issues

such as siblings (3rd for younger, 11th for older), friends (11), spouse (7), business associates (7), earnings

(11), effort and courage (3). People and situations which force us to interact others at a physical worldly

level, but which determines to a large extent our happiness on a day-to-day basis.

These two set of trines should ideally be strong and preferably they must be equally strong in a

balanced manner in order for a nativity to express its full potential. These are the tripods of life and any

weakness or unbalanced skew amongst these would indicate areas that would be highlighted in life as

'lessons' or difficulties that would need the attention and energy of the nativity.

A simple way of looking at the strength of any house is to look at the lord of that house. If it is strong

in the shadbal scheme (many programs calculate this), though my personal favorite is the even simpler

scheme that I use (Chapter IX). Many astrologers get enamored by 'numbers'. One must remember that even

when using the full-scale bal determinations, one must avoid using the numbers too literally. The numeric

strength is just one aspect of the functional strength of a planet. Jyotish should be math-based, not math-

driven! There is also a more elaborate system that software packages provide, named, bhav bala.

Armed with some form of an index for strength of the house-lord, we need to look at its placement in

the horoscope. For this delineation, it is desirable that the lord of the trines not be present in the malefic

houses 6th, 8th or 12th from the ascendant.

JYOTISH PRIMER by Rohiniranjan/Crystal Pages -- © All rights reserved, since 1980


Thirdly, the planet should be favorably located from the ascendant and its lord. The stronger

connectivity there is between the ascendant or its lord and the trinal house-lord in question, the better it is.

The house lord should be favorably situated from its own house. If it is placed in the signs that are 6th, 8th or

12th from its house, its ability to help its house is reduced somewhat. By the time we get to this level, it must

be realized that we have gradually worked our way to examine and study influences that are relatively

weaker in their impact. Some exceptions must also be taken into account in the process of delineation. If the

lord of the 5th house is located in the fourth house, it is in the 12th house from the 5th and by itself may not

be all that bad. However, if the lord of fifth house is in the 12th house from the ascendant (and hence in the

8th house from the fifth), then it would be doubly 'evil' and would harm the fifth house in the chart. Such

additive synthesis forms the basis of good judgment.

One must also identify and take into account tenets such as bhavat bhavam (there is more about this

in Chapter XVIII). If the lord of the 3rd house is situated in the 5th, and hence in the 3rd from 3rd, this gives

added strength to the capability of the lord of the third house. Similarly look for the 2nd lord in the 3rd

house, and the 4th lord in the 7th house.

Much of Jyotish depends on recognizing planetary associations. A chart might have strong planets on

one or several counts, but if they do not network or connect properly, then one must use caution in

delineating the results too optimistically. While looking at any house, not only is its lord important, but also

its sign dispositor (and its star dispositor as well, worth considering by the experienced students.). A strong

and well-placed planet without receiving any support from its friends and its dispositor is like a dethroned

king who is seeking refuge in a foreign country. He is probably a lot better off than a poor inhabitant in the

host country, but his power and capability is but a shadow of what it used to be in his own homeland. It is

very hard to give specific numerical values to each of these conditions because these signify a 'range' of

efficacy. This range that encompasses the spectrum of possibilities is perhaps what 'free-will' and choice is

all about.

One must take into account considerations such as, 'are the associating planets (and this goes beyond

conjunctions, as in the case of the bhavat bhavam referred to earlier) friendly to each other?'. Are they of

similar nature (benefic/malefic, similar elements or quadruplicities), are they of similar strengths or is there a

difference in their strengths producing a situation where there exists a domineering protective influence of

one (with its associated blessings and curses!).

Much of what I am delineating here hopefully sounds logical if not outrightly simple. If it does, then

you have won a quarter of the battle towards becoming a jyotishi. Of the rest, 50% involves familiarizing

yourself with the basic alphabet and grammar (who is friendly to whom and where is one exalted and who is

a badhak or which planet is the karak or executor of which house or which area in life, the order of planetary

rulership of dashas and stellar mansions and rulers, divisional charts and similar details). That still leaves

25% which allows you to delve into special techniques (if you wish) and studying of combinations etc. Many

combinations are based on similar logical principles involving strength of planets, rulerships of significant

houses (positive as well as negative) etc., while some are not. My advice to all beginners is very simple. Do

not allow the plethora of techniques to overwhelm you. The flashiest yoga, the most super-accurate

multidimensional harmonic or ashtakvarg analysis would not get you one bit closer to becoming a good and

helpful astrologer unless you thoroughly master the very basic level of analysis which involves studying the

interaction of the houses and their rulers in a chart. The process is almost akin to weaving a story, as you

synthesize the elements that the analysis of the chart provided you with. While you focus on any planet or

JYOTISH PRIMER by Rohiniranjan/Crystal Pages -- © All rights reserved, since 1980


area of a chart, try to see how it is being influenced in the chart and always, ALWAYS, when you find

something very important or earth-shaking in a chart, try really hard to see if there is other

corroborating evidence pointing in the same direction as your original deduction. The more pointers

that you can find, the more confident you would be in pronouncing the possibility of an event or

indication in your reading.

Let us now look at another chart, something from the other end of the human spectrum,

VEDIC: SIDEREAL CHART of J. Dahmer, the Wisconsin serial killer.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ITEM LON NAV SI ST SU %

x x xx x x ===========================

x x x x Rahu x x ASCEN 26 Leo me ma ju - |

x x LIB x x x x MOON 27 aqu ju me ju 64 |

x x x x LEOx x SUN 13 pis ve su ke 74 |

x SCO xx xx CAN x MERC 13 ari ve mo ra 45 |

x x x x x x VENUS 29 sag ma su ma 54 |

x x x VIR x x x MARS 15 sco ju sa ra 78 |

x x JuR x x x x JU (R)09 gem ju ke ju 66 |

x x SAG xx GEM x x SAT(R)25 sco ju ve me 57 |

x x SaR x x x x Rahu 29 sag su su ma -- |

x x x x x x KETU 29 gem sa ju su -- |

x x x PIS x x Sun x |

x x x x x x DASHA: ME-ju till 3JAN 62 |

x CAP xx xx TAU x ===========================|

x x x Moon Mars x x merc x | |

x x AQU x x ARI x x | 05.21.1960 |

x x x x x x | 4:34 PM (5 h) |

x x Ketu x x x x | 87W54 43N01 |

x xx Venus x | |

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ============================

The diamond shaped houses are the angles, the first house (ascendant) being the one at the top

(Virgo) followed by the second (Libra) and so on.

A cursory look at the chart reveals nothing very extraordinary. Fairly strong planets (this was not

going to be an ordinary, unknown entity), with Virgo rising with the ascendant lord Mercury in the ninth

house in Taurus with the Sun. Superficially, good for spirituality and for one’s physical appearance. Until

one realizes the oft-repeated dictum of vedic astrology. Look at the house lordships and not just planets. The

ascendant lord (who is also the lord of 10th) associated with the lord of 12th (Sun) in one of the tripods of

life, the 9th trine. For mutable signs, the lord of 7th house is a planet capable of causing obstructions,

incarcerations and Jupiter, which is also tainted by virtue of the dictum that benefics as lords of angles (7th

and 4th in this case) can be trouble. Well such a tainted Jupiter is associated in the 4th house with the lord of

5th (Saturn) which takes 'care' of the other tripod of life. And Saturn is placed in the 12th house from its own

house, and hence incapable of providing any support to the fifth house. The lord of the 9th house (Venus) is

placed in the 8th house (confinement, incarceration, obstacles, hidden acts) making it unhelpful to the

JYOTISH PRIMER by Rohiniranjan/Crystal Pages -- © All rights reserved, since 1980


ascendant as well as the 9th house. Nothing good so far!

Then we see the association of Mars and Moon in the 7th house. Moon is the significator of mind and

emotions and is placed in the mystic and impressionable Pisces. Pisces Moons are charged with emotions

and very susceptible to suggestions. While this may make such individuals highly clairsentient and

empathic, the presence of Mars in its viscinity does not auger well. The combination is too incendiary, too

explosive. A vedic dictum states that those who have Mars and Moon in the same sign, are involved in

businesses that profit from the other gender. The gamut runs wide, from the illegal to the legal (cosmetics,

for instance. Fashion designer and perfume-producer Christian Dior, 21 Jan 1904, 01:21 AM GMT, 01W36,

48N50 is a good example with the benefic chandra mangal yoga in 5th house). Such an individual is also

endowed with an intense temper and can go mad with rage. Being in the 7th house, one’s sexual practices

are not likely to be anywhere near what is considered normal or conventional. Alcohol and substance abuse

is more likely than not, as is cruelty towards other living beings in thought, words or action. There is one

caveat though. If either Mars or Moon happen to be the lord of ascendant (Mars/Moon combo with Aries,

Scorpio or Cancer ascending), then the 'energy' of this combination is available for good purposes. In JD's

case, the Mars/Moon in Pisces in the 7th spell definite trouble.

The ascendant sub-lord is Jupiter (tainted considerable as described above) and this key personal

planet is definitely not in a very helpful state here. Yet another negative factor is the 6/8 position of the

ascendant lord (Mercury) and the ascendant sub-lord (Jupiter), incapable of helping and strengthening each

other mutually. The retrograde state of Jupiter and Saturn in the fourth house indicate enormous stresses in

JD's mind. His mother probably went through a phase in her life when she faced the strain of expansion and

contraction, whether to turn outward or inward, and a large degree of mental pain and uncertainty. This is a

strong indicator of instability!

JD killed his first victim in 1978 in the dasha of Venus and sub-period of Mars. At the alleged time

of murder, Scorpio was rising with the Sun was transiting the 8th house in the star of Mars and sub of Venus,

the Moon was in Jupiter's star (Jupiter being the planet of obstacles for reasons stated above). The transits of

luminaries are considered indicative of sensitive periods during dashas and usually the effects are seen

during the days or periods when these are transiting the stars of the dasha/sub-period lords, Mars and Venus

in this case. The nature and motive behind the murders is not quite outside the domain of the planets

involved, with distorted form of love, rage, aggression and control, attributes of an imbalanced Mars and the

outcome of a Venus that lies in a hidden obstructed unexpressed 8th house. The distorted mentality behind

cannibalism (making a part of oneself, ultimate control and incorporation, all arising out of a very distorted

and gruesome thinking).

He was apprehended in 1991 after the period of Venus ended in April 1991 and the period of Sun

began. The few months of time when one major period finishes and another begins is generally considered as

a period of adjustments and not very auspicious. As 'management' changes hands, one tends to make

mistakes and is unsettled. Sun is the lord of 12th (loss, incarceration) and placed in its own star in the 9th

house (justice, spiritual release). Dahmer was extremely cooperative and almost waiting for the arrest, as if.

If he had that much of insight left, that is!

In his last days, according to his attending priest's statement, he had begun to turn towards religion,

had a full cognizance of the heinous acts he had performed and was even wishing to be relieved of this

misery by death. Five days before he was executed, at thanksgiving, he was reading from the Book of

JYOTISH PRIMER by Rohiniranjan/Crystal Pages -- © All rights reserved, since 1980


Revelation, to his priest, "In those days shall men seek death and shall not find it, and shall desire to die and

death shall flee from them". He verbalized at times that he deserved to die.

On 28th of November, he died in the dasha of Sun and sub-period of Saturn,

when the Sun was in the star of Saturn and the Moon was transiting through the star of Sun, again indicating

the interesting pattern of the luminaries being in the stars of the period/sub-period lords. The Moon was

transiting Dahmer's ascendant on the day of death. Saturn is a strong maraka (killer) in the chart because of

its natal placement in the star of Venus which rules the 2nd house (one of the killer houses) and which is

afflicting the house of longevity (8th) by its presence there. Moreover, Saturn is associated with Jupiter the

other killer and obstructive planet in this horoscope, thus adding more sting to it. The fact that the two

planets are retrograde perhaps hints at the karmic/fated nature of this gruesome story.

The bitterness that existed between the parents of JD continues. A news story related that JD would

be cremated as per his last wish and the parents were fighting over who gets his ashes.

Unlike, most serial killers who are habitual liars and psychopaths, JD always seemed curiously

forthcoming with details about his murders. He confessed to all his murders very willingly and even

confessed to killing someone that the police did not know about. Very mercurial, very communicative,

almost as if he was studying and analyzing the whole thing in a detached and dissociated manner that

mercurians nativities are capable of!


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