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Alyssa Brown

Sarah Ehsan
-starting in booths
Introduction: Hello Sharks, my name is Alyssa Brown/Sarah Ehsan, and our business is called
Fleek. Fleek provides a number of facial hair removal services, including eyebrow threading,
lip threading, full face and neck, and a combination of all three if thats what the customers
looking for. We offer quality eyebrow threading in a relaxing environment for good prices. Have
you ever walked into an eyebrow shop and immediately notice that they take poor care of their
equipment, and even poorer care of their customers? Fleek prevents that all. With experienced,
quality staff that know the true meaning of customer services, and high quality tools that are
replaced and sterilized regularly, we know how to offer the fleek that you want.
1. Description/Analysis
a. eyebrow threading
b. to provide facial threading to customer satisfaction at a decent
c. We sell tweezers and spoolie brushes and provide facial threading
(eyebrows, neck, lip, full face)
d. Self Analysis
some sort experience in waxing and threading
strengths: strong eyebrow game and good looks.
weaknesses: sarah is good at threading eyebrows and alyssa is good at
stay in pagodas/booths in major malls in order to
gain profits until we have enough saved for us to buy a solid store in
maybe san francisco or san jose
e. trading area analysis
geographic: san francisco, san jose, pleasanton.
demographic: females and males of all ages who are interested in taking
care of their physical appearance.
Competitors include Kash Fabrics, Eyebrow
Threads, and Glow Bar. All competitors offer the same service but they
do not sell products like us.
f. market segment analysis
Our target market are males and females of all
ages who are interested in taking care of their physical appearance and
like to maintain a well groomed, and taken care of appearance.
customers tend to get their eyebrows done twice a
month and like to purchase packages.

g. Operational Plan: We plan to start in booths or kiosks in high

frequency areas and malls. We will start a booth in San Jose on Santana Row,
Dublin at Stoneridge Mall, and San Francisco in the mall on Powell Street. After
raising popularity and funding, we plan on expanding to actual stores in the same
general areas, and then eventually making a large scale chain
2. Organizational plan
a. Proposed organization:
1. Partnership
2. We will use our own savings as well as loans. We will also seek venture capitalists for
start up money. We will begin our business with booths within malls and then hopefully venture
out into our own store.
3. Alyssa and Sarah have both experienced the eyebrow threading journey as well as
threading friends/family. Sarah has management experience from her last job.
b. proposed good/service
1. Our manufacture will be "Tweezermen". We will order new inventory once a month and
with switch out tweezers and thread every day. Tweezers will be sterilized at the end of each
2. Our supplier will be "Tweezermen" and occasionally "Revlon".
3. Proposed financing plan
A. Source of capital
1. Alyssa and Sarah will take out savings of our own as well as from family.
2. We will take out a loan for $10,000 as well as seeking venture capitalists if possible for
10% of the company.
B. Projected income and expenses


Santana Row Eyebrow booth

Westfield San Francisco Centre
Stoneridge Mall Booth
RIght now we are largely focusing on the Westfield San Francisco
Centre booth because it is a high frequency area that doesnt have too much
competition surrounding that.

Projected Startup Costs:

Booth: $4,875 (monthly)
Threading Chairs: $193.92 (per chair)
Eyebrow Thread: $5.99 (two spools)