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Top 10 Events

1. BNA Act. The BNA Act signed by Queen Victoria on 1867/7/1

mark the birth of Canada. If it werent for the BNA Act Canada
may not be what it is today. The BNA Act united 4 province and
renamed Canada West and East into Ontario and Quebec. It is
the most important event in Canadian History, since many of
Canada would not be what it is today without the confederation.
2. BC enters Confederation. In 1871/7/20 BC enters confederation,
which completed John A Macdonalds dream of having a country
from coast to coast. BC join confederation making Canada across
the Northern part of North American. BC entering confederation
also made the U.S. give up their idea of manifest destination,
which made Canada a safer place for the people.
3. Completion of CPR. In 1885 CPR was completed, people are now
able to connect across the whole Canada. CPR can transport
troops, good, and people around Canada making it easier for
Canadians to travel as well as army to defend.
4. North West Rebellion. The North West Rebellion stared
1885/3/26, led by Louis Riel. The Rebellion proved to the
Canadians how much the CPR is needed. The CPR was able to
transport troops fast to stop the rebellion making Canadians see
the benefits of having the CPR.
5. Charlottetown Conference. Charlottetown Conference is where
the idea of Confederation was introduced. It was introduced by
the Great Coalition. They changed the idea of maritime union
into a bigger idea of Confederation. This lead to the
Confederation of Canada making Canada what it is today.
6. 1815-1850 the great migration. The great migration bring
people around the world, mostly Europeans into BNA. The great
migration lead to the growth of BNA and later changing BNA into
7. Manitoba entering Confederation. Manitoba entering
Confederation made Dominion of Canada bigger then what it
already is. Manitoba entering the conference also made Canada
a step closer to a coast to coast country. Manitoba joined
Confederation in 1870 after Louis Riel help fight for Metis rights.

8. Cariboo Gold Rush. Cariboo gold rush bring many people from
U.S. and other countries into Canada, making BC growth. The
Cariboo made population of BC grow for a short amount of time
but later decreases when the Gold rush dies down. It contributes
to BC joining confederation, since without the Gold rush BC
would not be in debt and would be fine just on its own.
9. 1861-1865 American Civil War. American Civil War was another
great contribution for BNA colonies to join Confederation.
American Civil war fought between North and Southern States
made BNA colonies feared that the idea of Manifest Destiny and
the Tense relationship between Northern State of U.S. and British
would bring BNA into war. The only way to solve this was to have
BNA join together as one. This way Americans will have less
chance of invading BNA.
London Conference. London Conference is where BNA Act
was introduced to the British Parliament and also where BNA got
approval of confederation. Since BNA was part of British this
Conference made BNA a country that govern itself. On July 1,
1867 Queen Victoria signed the BNA Act making BNA officially
Dominion of Canada.