Name of the Association


Artistic Cell

Priest In-charge: Fr. Blany Pinto

Number of working Members:


Names of the coordinating committee: 1. Coordinator: 2. Secretary: 3. Joint Secretary: Caroline Vaz Queenie Gamree Ruzwelt Bardeskar

Names of the Working Committee: 1. Martha Mathew 2. Donald D’souza 3. Agnello Fernandes 4. Anenall Fernandes

Activities to be conducted during the year June 2009 – May 2010 1. To have meetings every alternate month on second Sunday at 5.00 pm 2. To prepare a list of the important events in the parish and allot responsibilities to each member well in advance so that altar panel decoration can be put up. 3. Main events : Christmas, Don Bosco’s Feast & Easter Tridum