Name of the Association


Family Cell

Priest In-charge: Fr. Blany Pinto

Names of the coordinating committee: 1. Coordinator: 2. Secretary: 3. Treasurer:

Jacinta chettier
Joan Sequeira Shamika D’souza

Number of Members:

9 Members

Names of the Working Committee: Norbert Fernandes Kevin Fernandes Tobias Minj Abeline Fernandes Avila Fernandes Donald D’souza Holy Family Community Divine Mercy Community Our Lady of Lourdes Community Marian Flock Community Holy Trinity Community Kristu Jyoti Community

Activities to be conducted during the year June 2009 – May 2010 1. To animate mass and organize a get-together every quarter of a year for the families whose wedding anniversary falls during that quarter. 2. To foster Christian values in our families through input sessions.

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