Name of the Association


Small Christian Steering Committee

Priest In-charge: Fr. Edwin

Number of working members:


Number of Communities:


Names of the Coordinating committee: 1. Coordinator: Dona Prabhune 2. Secretary: Lenita Mathur Names of the working committee: 1. Dona Prabhune Mercy 2. Satish D’souza 3. Lenita Mathur 4. Sebastin 5. Antonio Aranjo communities 6. Pascal D’souza will animate St. Anthony, Don Bosco II & Divine will animate Our Lady of Lourdes community will animate Helping Hands community will animate Holy Trinity community will animate Marian Flock and Kristu Jyoti will animate the Holy Family community

Activities to be Conducted: 1. Attendance at the monthly meetings as per the list 2. Organizing 3 training programmes for all the leaders and the animators a. June b. October c. March 3. Dona will attend the monthly meetings at the diocesan level. 4. Alternate meetings with Fr. Edwin to evaluate the SCCs. 5. Dona will take charge of sending the SCC quarterly reports to Fr. Dennis Kokhya