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Vegetarian Recipe Book

Vegetarian Recipe Book

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Published by: api-23109552 on Feb 15, 2010
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½ a canful of tinned tomatoes or 1 lb. of fresh
ones, a tablespoonful of Allinson fine
wheatmeal, ½ oz. of butter, pepper and salt to
taste. If fresh tomatoes are used, slice them
and set them to cook with a breakfastcupful of
water. For tinned tomatoes a teacupful of
water is sufficient. Let the tomatoes cook
gently for 10 minutes, then rub them well
through a strainer. Return the liquid to the
saucepan, add the butter, pepper, and salt,
and when it boils thicken the sauce with the
meal, which should he smoothed well with a
little cold water. Let the sauce simmer for a
minute, and pour it into a warm sauce-boat.

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