Name of the Association


Seniors Citizens Cell

Priest In-charge:

Fr. Edwin Colaco

Number of Members:


Names of the coordinating committee:
1. 2. 3.

Coordinator: Secretary: Treasurer:

Jean Castellino Jean Castellino Loreen Fernandes

Names of the Working Committee: Jean Castellino 2. Loraine Fernandes 3. Alice Lopes 4. Irene Sanctis 5. Felcy D’souza 6. Nicholas Fernandes 7. Bridget Oliveria 8. Judy Louis 9. Rujay Bardeskar

Activities to be conducted during the year June 2009 – May 2010

1. Launching of the Senior Citizens Cell on Friday, September 27, 2009 2. Organize a Christmas Get-to-gather on Sunday, December 27, 2009 3. Acquiring a Senior citizens cards for the seniors 4. Organize a picnic in the month of March 5. Raising funds to defray the expenses which will be incurred for the various programmes for the seniors. 6. Visiting the homes of all the seniors by May 2010 at least once.

Details of Senior Citizen Team Name of the Coordinators Jean Castelino Alice Lopes Irene Sanctis Felcy D’souza Nicholas Fernandes Bridget Oliveria Loraine Fernandes Judy Louis Rujay Bardeskar Telephone Nos 9819925561 8007126914 9766979160 9323557342 9869823680/9096688292 9969422165 9322919123 9673817734 9221060961

Events Held/Forth Coming Events Date 21st August 28th September 27th December March Events Celebrated Senior Citizen Day Had special mass & Get together in the hall Will have Christmas Bash Picnic date to be fixed

Future Plans

We at Resurrection parish are planning to give a Senior Citizen card above 60yrs for which they will be avail various benefit. Will give them a talk on how plan their finances. Visit their homes. Meet their family members.