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SP ENG V31 Februar 2009 - 22

SP ENG V31 Februar 2009 - 22

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Published by: durrie on Feb 15, 2010
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People in depression may generally be uneasy, nervous, tense or aggressive. They
may feel helpless and lonely. I recommend following symbols for those who are
depressed. As in the notes, the numbers of the symbols are: 1-8-9-11-16-20-21.For
short practices, you can do 7-10 minutes and for longer practices about 20 minutes.
For critical situations, you can extend it to 25-30 minutes. You can practice on
yourself or others. For shorter practice, you can use only the symbols numbered 8-9-

During the critical situations, if you have time, the best is to attune the person again.
Renewing the attunement will strenghten the person. Because we do the attunement
s with our Being friends, Light Voiced Sages. During each attunement, we receive
important healing. Healing work is done on our energy body. Our vibration changes
and it increases. For this reason, attunements done for healing are very important. It
must be the most once a month.

I do not recommend the use of Salvation Path Energy when a person is addicted to
substances. The energy will benefit the person most and better when the person is

Erman Keskin – Founder of Salvation Path Energy


deprived of substance. When there is a substance deprivation I recommend the
attunement, for it will be more useful. This is not a must though.

Another reason I recommend attunement is, that those addicted people who live
spiritual deprivation deeply, to feel the love and affection support they will receive
from the Being friends, Light Voiced Sages is important. It is hard to replace this. This
support of love and affection will continue as long as the person is stable.
We can support these people with the energy, when they lapse, asking help from the
Noble Wise Beings.

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