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Welcome to Seventh Grade Language Arts!

Welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting school year! To get the
school year off to a successful start you should be prepared with the
necessary tools. Please let me know if you have any difficulty obtaining any of
the supplies listed; I am more than willing to work something out with you. You
will need the following:
1- 3 ring binder with dividers or a
3-subject notebook
1- two pocket folder
Blue/black pens
Composition book
Two highlighter(s)

Homework/Agenda Books: Homework is assigned every day and counts as 20% towards a
students final grade. Students are required to copy their homework and long term projects
from the agenda board as soon as they enter the classroom. Parents can help their child with
the challenge of getting homework finished by checking their agenda and finding a special area
at home where homework can be completed. All homework will be posted on the
HomeworkNOW website. Follow the directions below to view the assignments each week.
1.) Type in the address-
2.) Click on my
3.) Click on find your school
4.) Click on Winslow Township Middle School
5.) Click on Ms. Stover
Tests: Typically, tests will be given about every two weeks and counts as 60% of
a students final grade. Tentative test dates will be listed on HomeworkNOW.
All tests must be signed and returned for a homework grade. Specific projects
will also count as test grades, especially for writing.
Preparation: In order to be prepared for success a student is expected to
bring all materials every day. This includes their three subject language arts notebook, agenda,
a pencil, homework, and independent reading book.
Independent Reading Book (IRB): Students are required to bring a novel that
they are reading on their own in order to meet the requirements of our
Independent Reading Program. Novels are chosen by the students; they can be
brought from home, checked out from the library, or selected from my

classroom library. They must come to class every day and, eventually, students must prove that
they read the book by providing a reading response; these projects will count as a test grade.
Classwork: Students are expected to participate in the various activities planned for the day.
These activities include, but are not limited to: daily pre-class activities, class participation,
group work, and notebook checks. Classwork counts as 20% of the students grade.
Absences: Students should try their best to be in every class; it is very difficult to catch up
once they fall behind. When absent, students should see me the day they return so that they
can receive anything they missed. There is an Extra Copies bin located in the front of the
classroom that contains all the worksheets handed out throughout the week. For each day that
a student is absent, they have one day to make up any missing work. I will not ask for missing
work; it is the students responsibility to get and hand in their assignments. Tests and quizzes
must be made up within a reasonable amount of time.
Questions: All students are encouraged to ask questions concerning any assignment,
project, or test. Parents are also welcome to write a note in their childs agenda, email
me at, or call me at 856-767-7222 with any concerns or
Please sign below verifying that you and your child have read the above information and
understand everything. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank
you in advance for all your support at home. Together, we can make this school year your childs
BEST educational experience ever!

Ms. Kelsey Stov er

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I find that being able to email parents important reminders of upcoming tests, projects
and student performance can be helpful. Please provide your email address if you would
like to receive these updates.
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