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Student with Learning Disability

Student: Sarah
Date: June 1, 2015

School: Rocky View Schools

Grade: 4

D.O.B.: 01/10/2006
M / F

Team Members - Elementary: Rob (Classroom teacher), Trish (Learning Support teacher), Nicole
(Educational Assistant), Dave and Nancy (Parents)
Team Members - Middle School: Lana (Learning Support teacher), Lynette (Administration), Theresa
(Child Development Advisor), Dave and Nancy (Parents)
Background Information:
Sarah is a young girl who is an only child. She lives with both her mother and her father in the area.
Sarah has expressed her frustration with friendships and feels left out most of the time. She has a
difficult time during unstructured times during the school day as she feels she either gets bullied or
is left by herself.
Sarah has been diagnosed with a learning disability in the area of reading and comprehension of
written materials. She is currently reading and comprehending materials at an approximate grade
two level independently.
Sarah has been diagnosed with ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder. A letter is on file from her
pediatrician. She is currently not taking any medication.
good sense of humor
likes to draw
relates well to adults
parent support
has a difficult time interpreting social situations
finds social demands at school exhausting
unstructured times are difficult
finding a peer group to connect with is challenging - Sarah is often with older or younger children
Sarah is worried about getting lost at the middle school when changing classes
She is worried about using a lock for her locker
focus and attention
assignment completion

Environment (Elementary): Sarah has been in a grade four classroom with 23 other students. She
has had assistant support in her classroom for the four core subject areas. Sarah needs visual
reminders to help her stay on task. After she attends to instruction, a short task list is used to help
Sarah remember what she needs to do.
Environment (Middle): Sarah will be placed in a grade five classroom with 27 - 30 other students.
She will have the same teacher for her four core subjects. She will have different teachers for Art,
Music, Drama, PE and Health. Sarah will have a locker to store her belongings in as well as a tote
tray in her desk to store her materials. Sarah will have access to some in class support with an
assistant through the learning support program.
Transition Tasks (Elementary): Sarah requires transition support from one activity to another. She
needs advanced cues when an activity is finished and a new one will be starting. Visual schedules are
extremely beneficial to Sarah, as she relies on them to prepare herself for the day. Assemblies or
class activities that are in addition to the regularly scheduled routine require advanced warning and
preparation to ensure Sarah is as comfortable as possible with the change. Providing Sarah with the
opportunity to transition for home at the end of the day, a few minutes early, in order to avoid the
crowded hallways is beneficial. Sarah is quite anxious with regards to getting on the bus on time. An
earlier dismissal provides Sarah with the time and assurance she will not be late for her bus.
Transition Tasks (Middle): Sarah will continue to need the supports as provided in elementary
school. In the middle school setting Sarah would benefit from multiple opportunities to walk around
the school and experience bell times with student movement in the hallways with the support of a
trusted adult. Connections with identified adults or peer mentor whom Sarah can access for support
when needed will need to be clearly made prior to Sarahs entrance at the beginning of the school
year. Sarah will benefit from visiting the middle school prior to the start of the year in the fall.
During this visit, an introduction to her classroom teacher will be made, she will be able to put her
lock on her locker and become familiar with where her classroom is in relation to the rest of the
Transition Tools (Elementary):The following tools have been used with success in the elementary
school setting:
laptops/various assistive technologies for reading and written production
iPad with dragon dictate
an identified person for Sarah to receive support from when requiring emotional, behavioral or
academic assistance
in class support for four core subject areas
visual timers/task lists to support Sarah with time management and transition cues
Frequent body breaks during work periods
Allowing Sarah to choose the area of the classroom to work in
Transition Tools (Middle):
Sarah will benefit from the continued use of all tools used at the elementary school. She may benefit
from further exploration into assistive technology, especially in the areas of reading and written
production. Ensuring a strong communication link is created between home and school in supporting
Sarah in her grade five school year will be priority.