Dragobete celebration is seen Romanian equivalent of Valentine's Day

Probably February 24 meant for his forebears when nature wakes up, the bear leaves the lair , the birds search they nest, and the man he had to participate in the joy of nature.

In this day of joy resound young Romanian villages, and saying: Dragobete kissing girls

Saying that ,who participate in this celebration gonna be protect from diseases of, and especially by fever,and that Dragobete helps managers to have a wonderfull year and rich.

In southern Romania (Mehedinti),girls was returning runningusually called flying, followed by one boy who was by liking his.

If the boy was light-footed and reach the girl , and the girl kissing him in sight of all. That kiss it mean that the persons is taking a engagement, for a year or even more

The girls shake in the last night for the remnants of snow, called snow fairies, and the water melted from snow is using during the year for beauty

I hope you like it . This is our valentine's day. Dragobete is a holiday for the single girls. After this they are married and maybe they live happy up to old age.

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