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30th/31st May 2015 Away to Worcestershire

Debbie Essam up first after a month out to see one of her players get married. After a couple
of unlucky games Debbie was up for the fight winning 3-0 17.48 average
Laura Camp playing well but just couldnt hit that final double losing 2-3 with a 16.48
average. Well played Laura great to see you in the team
Lynda Reed, 7 tons a bit of mucking around with the double in the 4 leg winning 3-1 16.94
Janet Driscoll, not feeling very well, battled until she broke her opponent down winning 3-2
15.03 average .
Gemma Sherdel back after getting married, I think her husband wore her out on honeymoon
as normal Gem buts the double away first dart . Unlucky Gemma but you have had a good
season losing with a great average of 17.72 2-3
Vicky Rannow ,had a great game hitting 4 tons & an average of 17.39 winning 3-1 t
Ladies B Won 4.2 Well Done Ladies
Lady of the match Debbie Essam
First up was Sue Jordan who had some unlucky darts but still played well bit of double
trouble but Sue you have had a great season unlucky not to get the win .Losing 3-1 average
Next was Stacey Pinnuck who also wasnt feeling very well .Stacey you also have had a
great season & you were unlucky Losing 3-1 14.50 average
Jo Kitchen, who was a little stressed because Wayne Dawson had grown a beard (lol) .Jo
struggled to get in her stride losing 3-1 with 15.39 average. This year Jo has won 4 lady of
the match awards. Great season Jo. PS Wayne Dawson needs to shave his beard
Next was Louise Pearson who struggled this month to find the spot losing 3-0 with 13.40
average Put this one to bed Louise & roll on next season
Jodie Alligan , or should I call you lucky. Jodie you showed what a great dart player you are .
Zoe Jones could not match you calm & presence on the stage . Great darts 3 tons & 3 x 140
but a great win 3-1 with an average 22.00 .Jodie I know that you have started up your new
business this year, but you also have had 4 lady of the match awards & 5 wins in A team .
Great season for me.
Jane Phillips,Great darts 5 tons mucking around on the last leg with that bloody double 2 .but
a 3-0 win in 15.99 average
Ladies A Losing 4-2 . Well done Ladies unlucky not to get the win .
Lucky Alligan Lady of the match
I would like to say well done to all the squad members we played a quality Team this
weekend . The support we give each other goes a long way .
Maria Coughtrey
Ladies Team Manager