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Amendment to IRC:6-2014

Amendment No. 1/IRC:6-2014/January 2014

IRC:6-2014 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for
Road Bridges, Section II Loads and Stresses
(Revised Edition)
Proposed New Clauses
Under Clause 201 after IRC Class B Loading
IRC Class Special Vehicle (SV) Loading: This loading is to be adopted for design of new bridges in select
corridors where passage of trailer vehicles carrying stator units, turbines, heavy equipment and machinery
may occur occasionally. This loading represents a spectrum of special vehicles in the country and should be
considered for inclusion in the design wherever applicable.

204.5 Special Vehicle (SV)

After Clause 204.4

IRC Class SV Loading: Special Multi Axle Hydraulic Trailer Vehicle

(Prime Mover with 20 Axle Trailer - GVW = 385 Tonnes)


204.5.1 The longitudinal axle arrangement of SV loading shall be as given in the sketch below:

204.5.2 The transverse wheel spacing and the axle arrangement of SV loading shall be as given in the sketch

INDIAN HIGHWAYS, February 2014


Amendment to IRC:6-2014
204.5.3 The SV loading shall be considered to ply close to center of carriageway with a maximum eccentricity
of 300 mm for single carriageway bridges or for dual carriageway bridges, as shown below:

Dimensions in all the above sketches are in millimetres:

Note :

204.5.4 During the passage of SV loading, no other vehicle shall be considered to ply on the bridge. No wind,
seismic, braking force and dynamic impact on the live load need to be considered as the SV shall move at a
speed not exceeding 5kmph over the bridge. For the load combination with special vehicle, the partial safety
factor for verification of equilibrium and structural strength under Ultimate Limit State and for verification of
Serviceability Limit State shall be taken as 1.0.
The movement of Special Vehicle shall be regulated/monitored to ensure that it moves at a speed less than 5 kmph and also does
not ply on the bridge on a high wind condition.


Note :


INDIAN HIGHWAYS, February 2014