Department of Education Region III – Central Luzon Schools Division of Tarlac Province District of Mayantoc SAN JOSE ELEMENTARY

SCHOOL Mayantoc, Tarlac

I. INTRODUCTION We can’t prevent phenomenal catastrophe to happen but we can protect ourselves unharmed if we are prepared. The Department of Education is alarmed by the tragedies that had happened to Pampanga, Leyte, Samar, Aurora, Quezon Province, Mountain Province and other places devastated by natural calamities… so implementing Disaster Preparedness Campaign like Earthquake Drill simultaneously in schools. The Schools Division of Tarlac Province Campaign on Disaster Preparedness specifically the Earthquake Drill in Cluster I has been launched on November 2006 at Sta. Ignacia District. The first drill conducted in the school was on December 5, 2006; the second was on February 8, 2007 and recently last October 10, 2007. SJES is very aware of the abovementioned program prioritizing the welfare of the pupils and teachers. II. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

At first, pupils and teachers and even parents in attendance during the drill were instructed what to do. Then they acted as per instruction. All were participated actively with little inhibition and tentative moves. But on October 10, 2007,

everything was smoothly done because the schoolchildren and teachers knew already what to do based on the previous experiences. The activity was dramatically done through our sound system, modern cell phones and digital camera. In summary, drills were successful; nobody hurts because the routines were systematic and the entire school populace was cooperative during the activity. III. PICTORIALS

Pupils hid themselves under their tables.

The teacher with a parent showed the proper way of docking under the table.

Some pupils calmly sit outside after they came out from their rooms very quick after the signal preparing for the possible aftershocks.

Some of the pupils went at the back of the school with their teacher and parents. There they took cover while waiting for possible aftershocks and for the earthquake to be gone.


NOTED: JAIME G. MOLINA District Supervisor

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