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Steel Structures, Practical Design Studies 2nd - T. J. MacGinley

Steel Structures, Practical Design Studies 2nd - T. J. MacGinley


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Steel Structures
Steel Structures

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Eaves joint bolts
—dead and imposed load
The joint arrangement is shown in Figure 4.10(a). Assume the top four rows of bolts resist moment. Joint actions are
M=814 kNm

F=212.8 kN

V=162.8 kN

With bolts at lever arms 684 mm, 784 mm, 884 mm, and 984 mm, the bolt group modulus is given by

and the maximum bolt tension is

Use 22 mm dia. Grade 8.8 bolts with capacity of 136 kN.
Shear per bolt=212.8/14=15.2 kN

Shear capacity=114 kN

Combined shear and tension (Clause

which is satisfactory.
The joint must also be checked for the reverse wind moment of 392.5 kN.

Column UB flange

The yield line pattern is shown in Figure 4.10(b). For the top bolt the work equation is


Nmm per mm<MR=275×14.82


Nmm per mm

The flange is satisfactory.
A further stiffener is required between the second and third bolts.

Rafter endplate

For the weld, try 8 mm fillet—strength 1.2 kNmm; 100 mm of weld resists 120 kN. The yield line pattern is shown in
Figure 4.10(c).

The second bolt is critical in determining endplate thickness t. The work equation is


Nmm per mm



t=20.8 mm

Provide 22 mm plate, py=265 N/mm2

Check column web shear

Shear=(404.7×2)+162.8=967.5 kN

Shear capacity=0.6×275×602.2×10.6/103

=1053.2 kN


The web is satisfactory.

Column stiffeners

Top and bottom stiffener loads=967.5 kN

Try two 20×100 stiffeners:

Capacity=20×100×2×265/100=1060 kN

Use weld with 8 mm fillet.

Fig. 4.10 Portal joints: (a) joint arrangement and bolt loads; (b) UB flange; (c) endplate; (d) ridge joint.



Haunch flange
(Figure 4.10(a))

Load=967.5 sec 23.2°=1052.6 kN
Flange thickness required to carry load

)/(265×208.7)=19 mm
The haunch could be cut from 533×210 UB 122, where flange thickness is 21.3 mm. Alternatively, a small length of web of
the 533×210 UB 82 can be counted in to carry part of the load. This reduces the bolt lever arm slightly.

Base plate and HD bolts

Provide 20 mm base plate and 4 No. 22 mm dia. HD bolts.

Ridge joint
(Figure 4.10(d))

Joint actions are
M=414.4 kNm
V=162.8 kN






Maximum bolt tension is given by

Provide 22 mm dia. Grade 8.8 bolts.

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