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01 Copywriting 1
Assignment 1
February 1, 2010
Due: February 8, 2010

Separated at birth.
Your mission is to research the famous copywriter you’ve been paired with
below. After you know them like the back of your hand, become one with
them, cleverly intertwining their bios with your own. How do relate to
them? What are similarities in your background? What are the differences?
Go ahead, have fun with this.

300 words minimum, single spaced.

Alana Aweau & Dan Wieden

Carrie Barber & Steve Dildarian

Amanda Bergman & Jeff Goodby

Delanie Burke & David Ogilvy

Jeffrey Chan & Kash Sree

Victor Dimattia & Helmut Krone

Hunter Hayden & Ari Merkin

Brandon Kistler & Sally Hogshead

Wendy Ngo & Jay Chiat

Sarah Nolan & Hal Riney

Edward Pisari & Howard Gossage

Sabrina Reddy & Neil French

Natasha Tanksley & Ty Montague

Maria Belen Tenorio & Leo Burnett

Xiao Wang & Mark Fenske