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Maria, Ilocos Sur Name: Jeric G. Algas Subject: IT 201 Date/Time: January 11, 2009, 1:00PM OFFICE EXCEL Microsoft Excel 2007 – It is a program used to create, format, and compute numbers. It displays data in row-and-column format. MS Excel makes it easy to compute numbers and allows different ways to format data including charts and reports. It is a very powerful electronic spreadsheet that lets the user enter and use numerical data with formulas and built-in functions. It consists of 16 worksheets, 65536 rows, and 256 columns. Assignment Title: MICROSOFT

A Workbook is a file in MS Excel that holds worksheets. A Worksheet is composed of columns and rows that are similar to an accounting ledger. It displays characters like letters, and numbers, and can do computations. Parts and Uses of the MS Excel Environment 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Toolbars – display commands that are commonly used for easy access Name Box - displays the address of the active cell Formula bar – displays the contents and formula entered on the active cell Status bar – displays the information about a selected command Select all Button – selects every cell in a worksheet Sheet Tabs – let you display worksheets in the open workbook Row headers – a number used to identify a row Column headers – a letter used to identify a column Active cell – the cell that has a thick border that will hold any data that you type or entered 10.Scroll bars – includes vertical and horizontal scroll bar and four arrow used to move the screen display horizontally or vertically 11.Title bar – displays the program and the name of the workbook that you are currently using 12.Menu bar (7 Tabs) – lists the names of the menus or tabs in Excel 13.Minimize button – minimizes the window to a button on the task bar 14.Maximize/Restore button – switch between maximizing a window and restoring a window to its previous size

15.Close button – closes the window

Parts of the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Environment Title Bar buttons Quick Access Toolbar Office Window
Formula bar Active Cell Select All Button Name Box

Minimize, Restore, and Close

Menu bar (7 TABS)
Column Header Toolbars

Row Header


Vertical Scroll Bar

Sheet Tabs

Horizontal Scroll Bar

View Buttons


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