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17 February 2010

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As part of our term one unit ‘identity’ all year 7 students will be visiting the Early Settlers museum to
learn a little more about early Dunedin. We will also be calling in at Milford Gallery to look at some
artwork of New Zealand artist, Nigel Brown.

This will take a whole day on Tuesday 23rd February. Therefore students will need to have a packed
lunch and drink to take with them.

In order for this day trip to go ahead, we require parent help with transport. We only need one or two
parents to stay with the group so you may not need to stay with the class for the day, however you are
welcome to if you wish.

Children will be in correct school uniform for the day.

Please complete the permission slip below and return asap.

Kind regards

Luke Herden

I give permission for ____________________________ to visit Milford Gallery and The Otago Early Settlers

I am able/unable (circle) to help with transport. I can take………………………..passengers including my


SIGNED: __________________________________