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Anecdote 1

Name of child: Aziza Mondoro Age: 3 Date and time: March 20, 2015 4:50 PM
Name of observer: Nasiba Salieva
Area where child was observed and other children or adults present: Outside on a jumping house
at Gibson Ranch with the Sacramento weekly photographer, Aziza, my family, and other people
at the party.
1. Observation: I observed that when the Sacramento weekly photographer was trying to
take a picture of everyone at the party he had to get on the jump house to fit all of us in
the picture, but Aziza kept on interrupting him by poking and pushing him.
2. Measure 1: Identity to Self
In this anecdote the childs current skill is that she is good at interrupting people. The
childs current knowledge is that the photographer is trying to take a picture.
Measure 2: Relationship with adults
In this anecdote the relationship with adults is that the child keeps on interrupting the
adult which causes him to be agitated.
Measure 3: Friendship with peers

In this anecdote there is no friendship with peers because Aziza isnt being friendly with
the photographer.
3. I would support this childs development by teaching Aziza to respect her elders.