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†Faith as a solution

The bible the New Testament the Koran all speak of a perfect world under
the sun of one religion one god and only one. So is religion is the answer
.to all of our problems? Maybe so, maybe not

Science the beginning of intelligent humans we believed in the power of

an all mighty been that controls the volatile effects of society and nature.
We went captive by this idea, first many gods (polytheism) who controlled
the world and then with the supposed revolutionary idea of only one god
(monotheism) the main deferent between the two is that even though
Rome as an empire and the Greeks before that where brutal their believe
aloud the tolerance of deferent faiths as the monotheistic faiths all say
that you must believe in the true form of gods words or else you are an
.infidel and there for can be killed

It’s important to know why today we had decided to make such actions
like the separation of faith and government. In the past and in some ways
today (in the form of the Islamic republic of Iran) the religious heads
interfered in matters that can and must be answered by a secular form
like parliament or senate. Such interference at the past caused the dark
.ages as enlightened ideas were outlawed as eretic

In the modern world we see such controversy in the form of brutal

punishments such as sculling beheadings as the form of purging one
political and so called heretical opponents. The nation’s religious clergy
decide where to steer the will of the nation. This might bring conformity
but also backward thinking and at the end might bring the state into her
.final destruction

We can see such actions been made by the mullahs of Iran (the Muslim
religious high clergy) who brought the laws of the sharea (Islamic religious
rules) those rules brought order where ones was chaos yet with it, it gave
the people of Iran a thought police where the population is at true fear to
.express herself in fear that they will be executed

I am not a religious’ figure , I am not a high secular political figure either

but I do believe that this way of life that we all lived by for over 5000
years didn’t prove herself but for herself , this way of governing is against
human nature and will fall and unfortunately will claim all of her followers
with her . Let’s begin by taking a step forward in human evolution
.(evolution of thought) and find a better way to govern ourselves