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AGENDA. Committee on Public Safety City Council Conference Room, 10 Floor, City Hall Tuesday, February 16, 2010 -12:45 p.m. Councilmember Carol Wood, Chair Councilmember Eric Hewitt, Vice Chair Councilmember Jessica Yorko, Member L Call To Order IL. Roll Call TI. Approval of Minutes © February 10, 2010 IV. Public Comment 'V.. Discussion/Action: 1. Traffic Control Orders: 09-016 — Churchill Avenue and Hepfer Road (09-009 — North Side of Clinton Street (09-001 — Cooper Road and Fisher Drive (09-002,09-004 — Glenwood Avenue Parking Request 09-008,09-008 - North Pennsylvania Avenue 09-026,09-027 - Grand Avenue Parking Regulation Change 09-010. 09-029, 09-030 - LCC Area Parking Change 09.023 — Fairfield Street and Felt Street 2. Noise Ordinance 3. Fireworks Ordinance 4, Neighborhood Stabilization Fund 5. Discussion on the FOIA Policy 4. Other 5. Adjourn 6. Pending Fireworks Oninance Noise Ordinance ‘Underground Storage Tanks Regulations EPA Funding Grants Walter Brown U of Mand MSU- Surveillance Camas SE LE iv | OFFICE OF THE MAYOR ‘th Floor, City Hall 424. Michigan Avenue Lansing, Michigan 48583-1694 (S17) 4B3-t144 (voles) (617) 483-4479 (TDD) ram he 2-610 Gaur etna PSA Gin esaoes Eas REFERRED TO THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SAFETY Virg Bemero, Mayor TO: City Council President A’Lynne Robinson and Council Members Mayor Virg Bemnero DATE: February 8, 2010 RE: ‘Traffic Control Request: Churchill Avenue and Hepfer Road ‘The attached correspondence is forwarded for your review and appropriate action. VB Attachment "Equal Opportunty Employer"