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Guest Speaker Introduction
by Samuel Batara

We are all very proud of Ilocos Norte National High School, a

classic institution of learning. What make us doubly jubilant are
the superb annals that archive the success stories and noble
accomplishments of its graduates.

If our school has gone through a beautiful transformation and

now looks so magnificent to become the envy of comrades who
visit us from other divisions of the Department of Education, it’s because Ilocos Norte
National High School must have planted to our graduates sure seeds of recurring
knowledge. These sown grains of desired learning make our former students long to
come back not just to search for their roots, but relive the most memorable of all
schooling days. And more significantly, in token of gratitude to the school from which
they sipped the nectar of basic education, they carry along with them bountiful cargoes of

This afternoon, we have in our midst outstanding alumni who can share their own success
stories, who have pursued with determination their chosen careers, and have excelled in
their respective noble occupations. Some are even bestowed positions of responsibility
which privilege them with better access to resources they can wisely dispense, and
usually, without failing to accord a generous slice to their alma mater.

At hand in this gathering is an outstanding graduate of Ilocos Norte National High School
destined to inherit the shoes and pursue the legacy of a famous alumnus, the Honorable
Antonio V. Raquiza. He has returned, a newfound advocate and provider for the
sustenance of our school’s prominence, an eminent member of Batch 1957, the
Honorable DPWH OIC- Secretary Victor A Domingo.

Born on May 14, 1941, the boy Victor was the armful joy of Atty. Andres Domingo, a
former City Judge and Mayor of Laoag, and Madam Magdalena Asis, a former Schools
Assistant Superintendent in Laoag City.

The then Ilocos Norte High School must have germinated in this bright gentleman the
kernel of success and the enduring values of perseverance, industry, determination and
excellence which swiftly propelled him to wider horizons of service and a huge
laboratory of management skills.

Moving from our campus, he studied hard to become a Certified Public Accountant. He
earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, majoring in
Accounting, in 1961, and a Masters in Business Administration in 1970, both from the
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

This promising entrepreneur readily metamorphosed through a variety of enriching work

experiences, from being a Finance and Supply Officer in Ilocos Norte, a Bank Examiner
for the Central Bank, MBA lecturer in both the University of the Philippines and Leyte
Colleges in Tacloban City, Dean of the College of Commerce of the Holy Infant College
in Tacloban, to being Regional Director of the Department of Trade and Industry, and
director of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office in Eastern Visayas.

In 1992, our world-class realtor developed the 50-hectare San Gerardo Heights
Subdivision in downtown Tacloban for the people of Leyte and Samar, he becoming the
President and Chief Executive Officer of San Gerardo Green Meadows Realty
Corporation. His vast experience as a real estate developer, and his outstanding work
accomplishments as Presidential Adviser on New Government Centers, convinced
President GMA to appoint him Secretary of Public Works and Highways.

Active in civic and professional engagements, our industrious executive served as

President of the Leyte Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Office of the Vice President
Consultant for Region 8; Co-chairman of the Region 8 Development Council; President
of the YMCA-Leyte Chapter; President of the Rotary Club of San Juanico; Vice
President of the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders' Associations-Leyte Chapter,
National Vice-President of the YMCA Philippines; National Board member of YMCA;
President of Region 8 Administrator’s League; Board Member of the San Juanico Golf
Club; and President of the Tacloban City Tennis Club.

Our global managerial icon has also travelled extensively, attending international
conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada; Seoul, Korea; Hong Kong; and Colorado, USA. He
also attended International Trade Fairs and Investment Missions in Singapore; Toronto,
Canada; and Xiamen, China.

Happily married to the former Lady Pricilla Villasin, this illustrious Ilocano fathered
three equally successful children: Geraldine, Gerard Andre and Victor Emmanuelle.

Ladies and gentlemen, our prolonged eagerness will now be allayed as we listen to the
most awaited pledge of further support from the laurel of Class 1957, the Department of
Public Works and Highways Secretary, the Honorable Victor A. Domingo.