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State State
• TheC a p State
Michigan ito l
Capitol • Flag
The Bald Eagle
has served as Michigan’s represents the United
seat of state government
since its completion in States and the Elk and
1879. Moose represent

Apple Blossom

• Our blossoming apple

trees add much to
the beauty of our
landscape, and
Michigan apples
have gained a
reputation. A
refined sentiment
seems to call for
the adoption of a
state flower.

• The robin is the best

known and best
loved of all the birds
in the State of
Michigan. The
Robin Red Breast
received many
more votes than ant
other bird as the
most popular bird in
Eastern White Pine

• White Pine needles

contain five times
the amount of
Vitamin C (by
weight) of lemons
and make an
excellent tisane.
Mature trees can
easily be 200 to
250 years old,
some White Pines
live over 400 years.
Lake Michigan was formed during the last
Great Ice Age as glaciers advanced
across what is now called the Great
Lakes Region, scouring the land.

These are what taxi’s look like in Michigan.

This is The Grand Hotel in Michigan. It is very big.