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Yolanda G.

520 Wekiva Bluff Street
Apopka, Florida 32712

Graying Braftnon, P.A.

/anu&ry 2002- March 2002
• Index and organize briefs for tnal
• Prepare court documents interrogatories, request for pnxiix-tion and admissions and demand letters, etc
• Set-up new client files, interview and guide clients through paperwork process

Internship with Cole, Stow, Stoutkmire & Morgan, P.A.

Responsibilities included:
• Preparation of depositions and subpoenas
• Request for production
• Research court documents to prepare files for trial
• Assisted firm's paralegal an off-site invest! gat tori assignment to Locate a client

Senior Information Specialists- Barnett Bank

January 1983- March 2000
• Liaison for information Support and bank attorneys' m the area of Trust, Guardianship, and Power of Attorney to insure
• Provided field offices with information on account titling
• Improved department productivity through assisting co-workers with problem solving
• Provided alt field offices with policy procedures guidelines

Graduate of University of North Florida paralegal program.
• Principles of Paralegal Studies
• Legal Research
• Legal Cases Analysis
• Litigation
• Family Law
• Contacts
• Corporate Law
• Wills, Estates & Trusts

Copy of internship and/or transcript availabk upon request.