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The Childrens Day Fete

14th November; the 125th birthday of our first prime minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru,
is better known as the Childrens Day all over India. On this day, our teachers
express their love for us by organizing a fete for us each year. This year was no
different and the fete commenced at 9:00 on 14th November, with the release of the
balloons by our respected principal Mrs. Peter. The fete was a beautiful mosaic of
our teachers expression of love. The stalls organized ranged from crazy games to
mind-bobbling tasks to the mouth watering food stalls and even to the D.J. which
left us thumping to the beats, longing for more. The games organized were both
physical and digital. It was a pleasant sight to see the teachers enjoying as much as
we did. At the end, there was a lucky draw which included a boys and a girls
watch, a pair of rollerblades and the strategic game of Monopoly. Although the
experience tired us and left everyone crawling, it was a lovely arrangement, one
that will be remembered for a long time.