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We are writing for and in behalf of our client, ________________, regarding the
documents, payments made and the money endorsed for payments, in connection to
the processing of our clients Business Permit and Income Tax.
Based on records, our client has advanced certain amounts of money for the
processing of the Business Permit, which amounts are as follows:
These amounts were specifically intended to comply with the government
required Business Permit. The same amounts were entrusted to you as the one who
will process such government requirement. However, despite repeated reminders
and follow ups, our client did not obtain the necessary Business Permit and neither
they were able to get satisfactory explanation from you as to any cause of delay in
the processing.
Secondly, on _____________, our client likewise advanced _________________,
which amount was entrusted to you for the filing of the annual income tax return.
Sadly, there was never a report received by our client as to such payment.
Our client has already given you more than enough time to explain and
report the status of the processing of the Business Permit. However, our client has
still no idea and yet to be informed as to the current status of such processing.
In view of the foregoing, therefore, DEMAND is hereby made for you to pay

the total sum of ______________________, inclusive of _______ (__%) percent

Attorneys Fee, as reimbursement, representing the cash advanced for the
processing of the Business Permit and filing of the Income Tax Return, until

Likewise, you are demanded to return all documents entrusted to you in

connection with the processing of the Business Permit and filing of the Annual
Income Tax Return.
Should you fail to settle the above-stated account and return the
documents demanded within the above-given period, we shall then be
constrained to cause the filing of a criminal action to enforce the claim
and protect the interest of our client.
Considering that your account was endorsed to us, please course your
payment and/or any arrangement thereof through our office at ___________, or you
may contact us at ___________.
We trust that you will give this matter your preferential attention.
Please consider this as our LAST and FINAL demand.

Very truly yours,

Atty. ______________
Counsel for ______________