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Introduction to Information skills and systems

Ex. 1.1

1. Australians have been quick to adopt new technology because of our

geographical location. Faster information sharing allows people to
communicate across the long distances across Australia.
2. Information technology is the electronic hardware and software used to
process information.
3. Digital communication has improved the transfer of data because it allows
computers to “talk” to each other on LANs and people can communicate
to others on the other side of the world using the internet.
4. The impact of information technology on organisations was to allow them
to save time, money, reduce effort, increase productivity and develop new
5. The recent changes in banking that have resulted from information
technology are internet banking and bill paying, ATMs, plastic cards and
6. Pilots use information technology to guide their planes to their
destinations. Sensors monitor the aircraft’s speed, altitude, position and
other crucial information.
7. Information technology can benefit an organisation but be disadvantage to
an individual if new technologies lead to increased productivity, which
may lead to people being sacked.
8. Some of the ethical issues raised by the introduction of information
technology are illegal music/movie downloads, privacy of individuals, the
security of data and information, the changing nature of work, the
appropriate use of information, copyright infringements and health and
safety concerns.

Alan Turing

Jack Kilby