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The "Chicago" touring production is based on the 1996 Broadway revival, which holds the

record for Broadway's longest running production (opening in 1975). The Tony Awardwinning musical gained greater popularity due to the box-office and Oscar-winning success
of the 2002 film
The musical came to be when, after her death in 1969, Watkins left the rights to her play to
one Bob Fosse, the theatrical dance legend who would then direct and choreograph the
musical version
Fosse's celebrated dance style is strongly associated with "Chicago," and the
musical features his signature hit, "All That Jazz."

"Fosse is very stylized," she continues. "He took all of his bad habits and utilized them to his
advantage. He didn't have great placement. For instance, he didn't have clean use of his
arms, so he'd detract from that by wearing gloves. He didn't have a strong turn-out in his
legs, so he'd turn-in instead.
Fosse is best known for his signature jazz style, which features sultry hip rolls, smooth finger snaps, turnedin pigeon toes and specific, detailed movements.
Bob Fosse used a variety of unique phrases to describe his signature movements, and many of these terms
are still around today. Here, Broadway and Fosse veteran Rachelle Rak shares a few of her favorites to help
you prep for your next Fosse class.
Slow burn: An intense gaze that shifts slowly from one side of the stage to the other or from back to front.
See it in Cabaret as Liza Minnelli faces upstage, then slowly turns in her chair to look at the audience before
she sings Mein Herr.
Broken doll walk: A pigeon-toed walk downstage. Your elbows are glued to your torso, jazz hands reach
out to your sides and your hips swing slightly. See it in Bye Bye Blackbird in Fosse as the dancers sing
Here I go, swingin low.
Crescent jump: A jump in place with one leg in parallel coup and the other straight. Jazz hands extend
high above your head as you reach far to one side, making a C with your body. See it in Sing Sing Sing
in Fossethe dancers do it over and over again during the climax of the music.
Soft-boiled-egg hand: A cupped-hand position. Imagine that youre holding an egg just tight enough to
avoid dropping or crushing it. See it in Bye Bye Blackbird in Fosse.