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Ra ra accu et ei SL cei aaah 5 A 2 1) AEA es asin . ate 7; A re lush private resort : BA Garden rooms Italian-style << . Pleat SuieltWos-Lalo me] t-) ee ate Strikingly simple shelters Elephant Ears eae clerk New Zealand Monrovia Style Prosonts the DREAMER Bernard Trainor, land! cope designer, uilizes his vivid imagination, along with his respect for the natural environs, to envision "ihe ideal garden" within the context of a given site. Passionate about meaningful landscapes, he stives to create "a sense of place" thot translates to 0 relaxed omosphere, “Monrovia's diverse ection of plants nspire my arrangement of garden spaces by allowing me to design with a depth and rhythm that seamlessly connects one garden area to the next.”