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Harvey Persons chy Counc Mayor Mark. Adams LaShun &.Daniey Wllam D.Osbome ‘samuel Davis Gity Manager Douglas H.Lequire Vid L Acker ‘Micbae Miler iy Clerk SaiiD. Pope Lamy G.Yookey June 19, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATEMENT FROM THE DOUGLASVILLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL ‘The Douglasville City Council has told Police Chief Chris Womack to return to work on Monday, June 22, ending a suspension with pay which started May 14 following allegations of excessive use of force and possible violations of the Police Department's standard operating procedure during a pursuit, apprehension, and arrest which occurred earlier in the year. Following an executive session at 1:00 pam. on Friday, June 19, with Mayor Harvey Persons Presiding, the City Council voted to re-instate Chief Womack effective June 22 after receiving the results of an independent investigation. In its May 14 action to suspend the city’s police chief, the City Couneil hhad set June 25 as the date to conclude the law enforcement official’s suspension and for Douglasville’s Mayor and City Council members to decide his future status with the department, ‘The printed report from the Coweta County Sheriff's Office was presented to the Mayor and City Council in an executive session on June 15, and it said neither Chief Womack nor any other police officers had violated the department's standard operating procedure (SOP) during the pursuit, apprehension, and arrest of a suspect on March 2, Having received this information, the Mayor and City Council members decided to go ahead and make a decision concerning Chief Womack in a special meeting on June 19, and not wait until the originally announced date of June 25. Due to the seriousness of the allegations made after the March 2 incident which included a high speed chase into Fulton County and which ended with the suspect being pulled fiom his wrecked vehicle by Chief Womack and then subdued by Douglasville police officers and Douglas County sheriff's deputies, the Mayor and City Council on May 14 decided to suspend Chief Womack while an independent outside investigation could be conducted. ‘The focus of this investigation was whether the department's own SOP had been violated. Prior to voting to return Chief Womack to active duty, the Mayor and City Council Pointed out they are aware that Fulton County District Attomey Paul Howard's office still is considering whether there was use of excessive force in the apprehension of suspect Morris Slaughter on March 2 and whether to present a case to a Fulton County grand jury at some ‘unknown point in the future, Mayor Persons and members of the City Council have emphasized their current action is dealing with the results of the SOP investigation, and that they will address. any other issues in this matter should they arise. June 19, 2015 Page 2 Mayor Persons and members of the City Council expressed thanks to Deputy Chief Gary Sparks, who has served as Acting Chief since May 14, and to all Police Department personnel for their continuing, positive operation of the department during the past few weeks. Prior to returning to his normal duties on June 22, Chief Womack will have a meetings at City Hall with the Mayor, the City Manager, and Assistant City Manager, as well as undergoing a Fitness for Duty examination, which is routine for any Douglasville police officer who has been away from work for a period of time due to suspension, injury, or several other reasons. Contact: City Manager Bill Osborne (678-873-7047) aHeeeee