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The Salvation Army

Fairview Citadel

Street Address: 50 Gesner Street, Halifax NS

Mailing Address: PO Box 25128, Halifax NS
B3M 4H4
Tel: (902) 443-3844
Fax: (902) 443-2617

21 June 2015

Dear Wonderful Friends at Fairview Citadel:

I will begin by sharing that our lives have been forever changed because of how special you have been to our family and
our ministry. These past several years seemed to soar by like a cyclonic whirlwind and I would never take them back for
anything in this world. We feel we have certainly grown through both the trials and the triumphs and are saddened to be
leaving such a great group of people; however we rejoice that God has much more in store for each and every one of
you in His plan.
Although great distance may separate us, a large part of our hearts will remain with you and you will always be a big
part of our lives. We leave much love with all of you, feeling overly blessed by the love that certainly has been
We will look forward to hearing great things from this Corps in the future under your new leadership with Captains
We commit all of you to the Lord, and pray that you are continually used for His glory in the Kingdom.

Yours in Christ,
Love -James, Shelly, Tessa and Shyloh Rands

William & Catherine Booth


Andr Cox

Susan McMillan
Territorial Commander

Alison Cowling
Divisional Commander