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Writing the Lesson Plan

EDU 505

Lesson Name: Creating an original book using “storyjumper” (Web 2. 0 application.)

PA Standards:
• AL 2.5 Demonstrate Engagement and Persistence – Demonstrate the skills necessary for
participation in a group or independently.
• 3.6 Technology Education – Create a hobby or something special through media

Lesson Objectives:
• Students will complete a pre-planning worksheet.
• Students will access the “storyjumper” web-site.
• Students will use technology to create a book.
• Students will publish their books.
• Students will share the books with their classmates.

• Students will be assessed using teacher observation.
Students will complete the pre-planning worksheet as a graded assignment

• Computer screen will be enlarged for a visually impaired student.

• Students will create a classroom library of student works.