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Questions to be asked to the physician (doctor):

a. The post cancer treatment

i. What is the remaining medication need to be taken after certain period

(that is period which has been determined by the doctor upon regular
treatment). In case of my wife after over than 13 years of post cancel
ii. Is there any effect during her current medication and the medicine she
taken after she being diagnosed of diabetes and hypertension.
iii. Is there any food in particular which she needs to consume in order to
compensate for the medication taken and previous cancer treatment? For
your information, she consumed lots of fruits and vegetables, particularly
green apples.

a. The post stroke treatment

i. My wife had second attacked last month, I was understood it was due to
hypertension and she was not prescribed with blood thinner medication
after the first attack. Alhamdulilah nothing effect the brain, just minor
stroke. I also was believed during the second treatment, my wife should
be consulted by two different doctors, which is one for the post cancer
treatment and another doctor for post stokes treatment. As a layman, I
need to be explained in detail about this thing, not after certain incident
had happened.
ii. Currently, my family and I spent much time monitoring the blood pressure
and sugar level from time to time on a periodic basis. My question is why
is it that the blood pressure as well as the sugar level tends to fluctuate if
she slipped up a bit. Maybe, a bit of sweet or a bit salty.
iii. Vomiting is one of the obvious indication in the stoke attack. Believe me I
am so paranoid of vomiting. How does it apply to the post stroke patient?
iv. My wife has undergone traditional treatment that is massage since the
first attack until now. My question is, to what extent I should continue the
traditional treatment, is there any effect towards the muscles.
v. After the attack, my wife feel the strain on the left biceps, is it due to the
attack? Can we continue with the traditional massage?
vi. How long does it takes to make a possible fully recovery on the left part of
my wife’s body, considering she undergone the traditional treatment as
well as she exercises on daily basis.