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J ) | ‘YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION DAVIO J. BURNEY, FAIA Commissioner DAVID A. RESNICK, AIA Deputy Commissioner Pubte Buldings SERGIO.O. SILVEIRA, RA Queens Borough Hall Planted Fountain Farman Serecce bras Community and Neighborhood Context: Queens Borough Hall (QBH), a four story brick building situated in the Kew Gardens neighborhood was builtin 1940 to serve as the center of civic life for the borough of Queens in New York City. The statue entitled The Triumph of Civic Virtue and designed by Frederick William MacMonnies, was mounted on top of an existing classical fountain in the park-like setting adjacent to QBH. Although the controversial statue which depicts man’s struggle over vice and corruption, remained in this location for over seventy years, it was recently removed from its base and will be restored and installed in a new home in Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn. The original fountain remains in the park. Design Intent: ‘The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) wishes to keep the original fountain as a planted ruin, a scenic backdrop to a busy and important intersection in the borough. The proposed design will enliven the space with a refurbished sitting area where new pavement, fencing, benches, lighting and plantings will be installed. Additionally, the fountain, although left as a “ruin”, will be planted with grasses and groundcovers and act as a landscape folly to enhance this prominent corner. Sustainable Objectives 30-30 Thomson Ave, LIC. NY MIO} Teleprone: 718 3911081 Facsimile: 718 3911481 wwwnyegov/ouldnye ® Department of Design and Construction ‘Queens Borough Hall ~ Planted Fountain Existing Condition oao2i2013 Aerial View and Location Plan Notto Scale EXISTING TREES, CONCRETE SIDEWALK te QUEENS | BOULEVARD Plan Department of Design and Construction (Queens Borough Hall ~ Planted Fountain PDC Reviewed Initial Plan osioar2013 Pan Not to Scale stozeovo ‘ewunog powweid ~ eH WBnov0g suBeN) Luojanssuog pue uBiseq jo jeUNedag {21895 0110N WEIS 1022010, ‘anyeis own - woRIBUOg pasodoig Uupwunoy paqued ~ "eH YEno.09 suoan| Uuoonsueg pue uBisaq jo wewedag ‘onyeis noun - woR}pUeD posed S27 cxusnarsancoonnens ¢ a SER NL i ‘wats A aI389KOD HN 2296 01 10N Ue ainpaues Bune e1ozeorro -anyeis noyyn — uonpuod Bunsera Ujewunog poweld ~ yey YBnov09 susan Uuoonnsueo pue uBiseq jo wawuedeg OO SS —au'ser maT 2FP98 01 10N WEL stozeorro ‘any2is snow — uowpuon Gunsix3 etn pawerd — fer yBno.0g susan) Uvotionuisueg pue uBisaq jo uewedag wompuog Buns 7 ORNS BACOONAOUS. = NOMVZIMBVIS NOONSRIOTS —aan'sxvin BLRIONGO ASN a1P98 oF N UE stozeorro ‘suonpuog Buys uequnog pawwelg ~ 4e} yBno10g susan ‘anonssued pur ubiseq jo juewvedag Uvonpueg Buns anivis ‘suai WO ame, — guna nan + nung wanoaaNnouD + ‘NoUv2MievIs NOISONE3A01S “sau ‘MLRUONOD AEN 91898 O110N URI evoze0rro Uvorpuon Buns Lpuno, poweid = eH YBno10R su8an Uoronnsuop pue uBisaq jo wawnedag ‘vowpueg Bune wauoo iv 9nd ‘29g 01 0N UE s107e0rr0, Uompuog Busey Luoansisued pue ubrsaq jo wawedag, erozeorro euro paiueig — fer WEno10g sueaND Loanssuog pue uBsseq jo wowedag, 20u84 Gunso srozear0 ‘89g OF ON UI Lonnujsuog pue ubisag jo wewedag Upwunog poweid ~ eH YBno10g su9eND souenug Aemgng -uonpuog Buns Uorpuog Buns Sargent's Cherry Tree Periwinkle Korean Dogwod Tree Proposed Plant Schedule nrean Fountain Grass Karley Rose Dwarf Fothergilla Department of Design and Construction ‘Queens Borough Hall - Planted Founvain, Proposed Plant Schedule oaozre013 Planting Sehedule Plan Not to Scale 2F°9§ OF ON Ue ainpausg Sunway e10ze0rro, ‘211 Auroyg sjuobseg Ueiuno powers — eH YEnov0g susan Lonusuog pur uBisoq jo weuuedag 014, Auoug sju0bseg stozeorro Uuoonnsuop pue uBisag jo waussedeg {1895 01 0N uve ‘ainpauss Bunuol eozeavo 2014, ponBog ueoioy, \urejuno.J pewweld — IH YBnaiog suse Loranasuog pub uBisaq jo wewuedag, 2011, powog uesioy, 2189§ O1ON URI ‘ainpayog Bunuel erozeorwo ‘senip uejuno, pur eBioWjo HERG rejuno4 paved — eH YBnav0g suB=N Lonansisueg pue ubisaq jo waunyedag yBrouey we ‘af80g 01 0N UPIe erozeawo sayoueg posodaig weunog pared ~ WH UEnoveg Suen) vvonenasuog pur ubisag jo wouLedag eniGiowios eM 0011 Mayo siu0bies, ‘289§ OF ON Ue 1022010 soyoueg pasodoug nos payed — eH YBnosoR SUBBED vowanusueg pue ubisaq jo weeded, ‘Suyspro yorew oy ubisep youeq 904 B S¥ed 10 Wea DAN pesodord 21895 O1NON UPId s1ozreairo saa uoronnsued Uyewuno paw — eH YBno10g suson ‘uogoniysuog pue ubiseq jo wewyedeg, nes eG) ONILNV Id SSVUD WWINSNWNYO 7’ evan f IVMEIOIS BLBYONOS| i ye AS 5 5 pa = AWW ONINVId ands: